Glass and Mirror Toronto: Making Reflections Look Good

October 7, 2012

Looking good is a matter of feeling good. With glass and mirror, you can never go wrong with Academy Glass: your foremost and trust worthy partner for all things glassy. With Academy Glass, you can easily become the envy of your neighbors and how!

The premier supplier of glass and mirror since the 1960s, we have the science of installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance down to a pat. Besides the obvious functionality of these products as far as windows and other such areas go, we also remain true to trends with a collection of designs that will lend beauty and elegance to any space.

Mirrors have always been well documented in the history of evolution. Hailed for magical powers and the used primarily as a mode to see one’s reflection, these products are now a major part of the decor industry. Here are a few tips on what to do with yours:

  • Have mirrors cut into various shapes and sizes and hang them from different colored ribbon to dress up an otherwise drab and lack lustre hallway.
  • Use a big mirror in a beautiful frame, right above you mantelpiece for that right effect. Hang the mirror such that it tilts forward a little for better effect.
  • Place a few vases in front of a mirror standing against the wall on an end table. Colorful vases will have the best effect in such a set up where the reflection will create visual potpourri of sorts.
  • Use mirrors to clad the surfaces of furniture like coffee and nested tables. This will give you space a glam quotient. Do not forget to ask us about our various buffing and grinding styles for that unique look!
  • Have mirrors cut and framed in small squares to use as coasters. This will be a different look.
  • Use a round mirror with some painting in the corner. Bring out those old brushes and paints for a statement making piece in your bedroom.

With these small tips, you can experiment and make your space truly unique and truly you!

October 7, 2012

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