Glass and Wall Mirrors: Making Waves

September 19th, 2012

The structural beauty of glass and mirror is unparalleled in modern day architecture. Its importance has been highlighted by the fact that it has been featured on the entire structures of many important buildings in the history of modern art and architecture. These buildings and structures are an epitome of style and that rare gleam that one cannot find in any other kind of material.

Accordingly, wall mirrors have been used in various statement making styles as far as interior and exterior designing, as in décor and architecture, respectively, go. Wall mirrors have been used for the mirror effect and for creating the illusion of expansive design that overwhelms the senses and creates a sense of space and continuity in terms of length and breadth. With bathroom mirrors, the very same effect comes into play, albeit in a more functional manner. While wall mirrors also have functionality, they have an artistic appeal in a space where this function is not really required. In the case of bathroom mirrors, the cause and effect relationship is reversed as far as functionality and design elements go. The bathroom is where a mirror serves a certain function and enhances the functionality of the space, yet by rendering one of our bathroom mirrors to your bathroom, you actually also render creative appeal through designs and cuts.

To heighten the importance of glass and mirror in today’s structuralism, we will dedicate this month’s series to posts on the most famous modern day buildings that have been rendered in glass and mirror. And we will cover buildings from around the world as an ode to the beauty of glass and mirror in art and architecture.

So follow us through a journey where the sunshine bounces off modern looking buildings; where mirror and glass shine; where style cascades with each gleaming tile of reflective and pool like beauty. Join us as we take a global walk through the beauty of glass structures, so that you can better understand our brand of aesthetics and creativity, right here at the Academy Glass House in Toronto; so that you can see for yourself all the possibilities in your own surroundings. And so that, finally, you can give us a chance to channel those possibilities into décor realities for you!