Glass Cutting: Creating Cutting Edge Looks

December 18, 2012

What does it take to create a unique decor look in your space? This space could be your home, your office, a restaurant, a clinic, a mall: just about anything. To our mind, and sensibilities (thanks to being in the business for so very long!), we would say that the first and most basic thing is the meeting of the right elements in the right doses. For this, we present glass cutting, services that unparalleled in terms of design, functionality and most of all, quality.

With our glass cutting it is easy now to envision all those looks from magazines, right in the area where you may be seated at this very moment as you are reading this. How would you like a look that would tie in that old furniture and yet give your space a new twist? We have just the anecdote for this very space.

When you are faced with a decor scheme much like many looks in Toronto where oak paneling meets quaint yet heavy looking colonial furniture, you need to create a look that will lift this scheme. A walk through such a space will have you thinking about the weighing down that is happening all thanks to the heavy furniture, the rich paneling and the heavy tapestry that has to be in place so as to match.

The best way to break this and imbibe a breezy yet equally solid look is by introducing glass or mirror into the space. Imagine a solid oak table. It might be the dining room. The colors around you are all rich greens and browns. What you could do is replace the table top with a glass table top. This will lend a transparent quality and a sheer feeling of openness that we refer to as design eureka in a space like this!

A glass table top is a difficult thing to execute. Not only does it require accuracy during the actually cutting and grinding process; it actually requires the right thickness and length so that it sits well, not only on the table but also the room as a whole.

December 18, 2012

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