Glass Cutting For Cutting Edge Design

September 19, 2012

Here, at Academy Glass, we love glass cutting. The shapes, the sizes, the method, the madness: all of it. In fact, we can vouch for the fact that the glass cutting team here is one of the best in all of Toronto. And this leads to many inspiring designs for furniture and other nooks in your property. Our glass table tops are especially popular and are usually in high demand. In fact, people love our table tops so much, that they come in to buy one and emerge for a few side table tops as well!

So it should come as no surprise that we are absolutely fascinated with this next structure that we are discussing. The Gas Natural Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, is housed in a building that is a sight to behold. Made up of impossibly placed tiles at impossible angles, this glass and mirror structure is one that stimulates the mind and collects oohs and aahs from random passer bys. This structure is made entirely in mirror finished glass. It has protruding blocks on either side where the glass tiles are placed at random angles to give it, what we call, “the crushed can” feel here at the Academy Glass Company in Toronto.

This crushed can feel comes through with the placement of tiles at disparage angles throughout the length and breadth of the exterior of these blocks. In effect, these blocks look like two gargantuan creatures about to take a step towards you; like two beautiful creatures that are frozen in ice and time after an interrupted game of “Statue”!

With this structure, we are assured time and again upon considering it, that glass and mirror are indeed wonderfully versatile materials to work with. They fit in beautifully inside and they are absolutely versatile on the outside too. Besides beauty, they also somehow put forth a sturdy look due to the reflective nature, rather than a delicate look. While the overall look on this building is sharp, the edges are softened by the conflicting angles, giving it a look of poise and softness when one regards it more closely.

So visit us at the Academy Glass Company today and ask us for a similarly inspiring look for anything ranging from your table legs to your office exterior.

September 19, 2012

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