Glass Cutting in a Few Easy Steps

March 5th, 2019

Glass cutting is an art and needs expertise for it to be done accurately. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for professional help, then you can do it by yourself. You’ll need a steady hand and a set of tools to accomplish the job. It is a delicate product and any mishandling can lead to the glass breaking so you need to be really careful. To help you in this process, our experts are going over the steps in this blog-post.


Set up the work area

Place the glass on a large flat surface which is soft enough to prevent scratches. Avoid working on a carpet because if the glass breaks, the shards will remain stuck to it which can lead to accidents. If you have kids and pets at home, then keep them away for their safety.

Clean the glass surface

This is important because if the glass is not properly cleaned then the remaining grime or silica can ruin the cuts. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the glass surface and where you plan to score (make the cut).

Get a glass cutter and oil

A glass cutter and oil are two essentials items required to do the job accurately. Get them from a nearby store prior to the process to save time.

Measure and mark the measurement

You can use a marker to mark the measurement on the glass or you can use paper with measured marks and place it beneath the glass to score it right. The cut shouldn’t be longer than two feet if it’s in a form of a straight line, else it can break the glass unevenly after scoring. Also, leave at least six inches of glass on each side that will help you to get a grip while breaking it.

NOTE- For cutting smaller glass pieces, you can use special tools such as pliers or a light hammer.

Scoring the Glass

Dip the cutter in the oil

An oiled cutter helps in creating a smoother score line. While using the cutter make sure it is oiled properly and hold it like a pencil.

Lay down a ruler

To get a line straight, use a thick ruler on the glass that won’t interrupt the wheel of the cutter.

Apply pressure on the glass while scoring

After fixing the ruler on the glass, apply equal pressure from one edge to another while scoring it. Pushing the cutter too hard can make the glass snap out which can be risky and ruin the work done till this point.

Run the cutter smoothly

Hold the cutter and run it from one edge to another and avoid going back and forth. If you’re unsatisfied with the score, then do it again on the same line.

Wipe off the excess oil

If there is excess oil on the cutter, it will be spread over the glass while scoring. So, after the latter is done, remember to wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Check your score

After wiping the excess oil, check the score with an invisible scratch-like line that runs from one edge to another.

Breaking and Smoothing

Breaking and Smoothing Glass

Grasp each side of the cut

Hold the glass firmly with your two hands like the way you hold a biscuit to break it.

Apply pressure from the wrist to break the glass

Now, apply little pressure from the wrist to break the glass along the score. Make sure your elbows don’t move or else too much pressure will be applied leading to uneven breaking. By doing so, you will get two glass pieces.

Use a sharpening stone or sandpaper to smoothen the edges

After the glass is cut, the edges will be rough and uneven. Use sandpaper or a sharpening stone to even out the edges. This can prevent deadly cuts and also provide extra strength to the cut glass.

Keeping all the tools ready before you begin the process will make your job easier. Hope this post helps you streamline your glass cutting project just like a pro. But if you’re not confident and have a shaky hand, then it’s better to seek out a glass-cutting company.