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November 7, 2012

The beauty of a glass table top is truly in the eye of a beholder. The glass top for the table is a matter of creating great value within the decor scheme of the property. Often it has been seen that offices use glass top tables for the coffee tables, as well as the receptionist desks. Most home owners also like the look of a glass top dining table, or even peg tables and coffee tables in glass. Here are a few of our decor tips for the best possible look as far as glass top goes:

–   If you have a very contemporary look in your space, and it is a formal space like your living room or the guest lobby of your office, or even a futuristic looking restaurant; the best look is to couple it with a chrome base. This base in chrome or steel should be chosen with great care so as to avoid getting a piece that has scratches or has delicate and very intricate fittings. Unless it is a home, and you are looking after the cleaning up and maintenance on your own, it is not advisable to have pieces that require too much care and precaution.

–   For a chrome or white metal piece, it is always good to choose a base for the glass table top depending on the surroundings. If there are many flowy and curved patterns in the carpet, the curtains, the cushions and even the paintings and art work, then it is advisable to go in for something that has curves. Yet, if the space is all about straight lines, then the base too must have solid angles and harp ninety degree turns, with a well-defined look.

–  For a more homely feel, you can have a wooden stand or base for the glass top table. This is especially true of the dining room where we usually prefer wooden and fabric based look. Here, the emphasis must be on solidity and matching the polish color to the color of the tapestry and chairs, or to any other wood element in the room.

–  Glass cutting for a glass table top must be done with utmost care. An expert like us will always use the right blade, machinery and thickness with a pre marked outline, which is precise and accurate, before putting the glass to the cutting board.

A good way to know whether the glass cutting has worked for you or not, is to stand in a distance from the table and weigh the table against the other elements in the room. If the grinding and edges look right, you have made the right call. If you do not see balance around you, we can help you fix such a problem with our glass cutting services.

November 7, 2012

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