Glass Cutting Techniques- A Brief

April 22, 2013

Glass Cutting Techniques

Installing glass and mirrors in one’s household is a wonderful idea. It brightens up the interior. The only critical element with glass is that a large amount of caution comes with it as additional responsibilities. Glass being a fragile material, there is no lag in using it for making various articles is always in vogue. It is obvious to have fashionable glass accessories in almost every household. Therefore, with popularity of glass, the glass cutting techniques have become popular. Therefore it has become a very engaging trade of late.

Glass Cutting Techniques:

Glass cutting in itself needs subtle expertise and skill, less than ordinary tools and instruments and above all, caution and concentration.

  • The glass cutter tool needs to be well lubricated with oil so that the wheel runs smoothly on the surface.
  •  Also one needs to cover face with glass helmet to avoid glass dust or flying flakes.
  • An overall illumination of the site is required to cut the glass properly.
  •  Right amount of pressure needs to be generated along the score line so that the entire piece does not break in the process.
  • Glass cutter must not move to and fro while scoring.
  • The cutting surface must be free of broken or flying chips, else uneven surface may create irregular pressure and piece may break.
  • To generate even pressure and suitable angle, standing is the better position for scoring.

So as a trade, glass cutting for table tops and decorative accessory, needs skilled professionals. Academy Glass provides that support to all customers.

April 22, 2013

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