Glass Cutting Technology in the Making of Striking Tables

October 3, 2016

Glass, as a transparent shining medium, is the hottest choice for interior decor. The see-through factor creates the illusion of open space, devoid of any opaque intrusion. It is no longer limited to doors, windows and mirrors. Contemporary interior designing has made glass a necessary blend as an ornamental object, which besides utility heightens the allure of a room. Integrating glass in furniture makes them unique with a floating look. Table tops composed of glass can be reached in diversified blends of never-thought-before styles.


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Is Glass Sturdy Enough to Be Used As The Supporting Top of a Table?

Glass undergoes strengthening process to resist against undesired breakage and shattering. Broadly, hardy glass variants are available in two types.

Annealing: Glass is made durable with the process of annealing. It is a process where heated glass is slowly cooled down to release thermal stresses embedded during fabricating. Glass which is not adequately annealed will hold-in the internal stress to crack up when introduced to even minute temperature variations.

Heat/Chemical Treatment: To make glass tough, it is treated with heat or chemicals. The treatments stabilize the internal stress by putting the outer and inner surfaces into compression and tension respectively.

How are the glass applied in the innovative trend?

Customization of glass is done not only for mirrors but also for table tops. Knowing your preferences, the skilled craftsman will cut a glass with utmost perfection. The latest glass cutting tools make it possible to frame glass in any shape with or without frames. The frameless glass tops can be further upgraded by finishing the edges in beveled, waterfall or chamfer patterns. Your preferences do not get marginalized here; besides clear glass you can opt for tinted glass in shades of bronze, grey, green and blue. Such colorful glass can be utilized in kitchens, counter, dining and coffee tables.

Some Ideas You Can Consider

1. Grey counter table top: A long horizontal counter table with a body of black colored lustrous metal will look marvelous when topped up with grey pinhead glass, having round edges. Couple up the table with all wooden chairs.

2. Blue glass dining table: Again, a broad square shaped dining table with body of shimmering stainless steel will do wonders when affixed to blue colored glass table top. You can randomly select some modern chairs with blue velvet cushions.

3. Bronze colored coffee table top: Since bronze is very close to natural shade of wood, buy a table with wooden frame and top it up with bronze shade of rain patterned glass. Match the stunning shine of bronze with two sofa cushions in combinations of bronze, rust and beige. Wooden chairs will reach that ultimate consummation.

4. Green glass top kitchen table: An oval shaped medium sized table with body of black matte finish will look simply incredible when paired with fitting glass of green color. You can avail four backless bar stools with cantilever base.

This is how modern furniture has transformed our decor concept breathtakingly. Treated glass is expensive because of the way they are manufactured. While annealed glass is cheaper compared to toughened glass, they shatter into big shards which are risky. Tempered glass, on the other hand, break down into smaller pieces, lowering chances of cuts and bleeding.

October 3, 2016

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