The Glass Effected by Glass and Mirror Toronto

August 1, 2012

The glass effect? Or the class effect? Well, if you are talking about glass and mirror from the reputed House of Academy Glass, then you must be talking about both! Here at Academy Glass, glass and class come together to create a decor statement that you would never have seen before. Just leave the details to the experts in our house and watch how glass and mirror transform your home into an elegant haven.

Who doesn’t like to live in beautiful surroundings? Apart from the good clothes and great food, we all crave for a space to call our own. A space that will reflect everything within us and bring out our personalities. A place where you can actually flaunt that personality and show people a little bit of your world. That’s what we deal in. We take those dreams and turn them into reality. And the best bit is: you do not have to break the bank or worry about details like installation services. We take of all these aspects and so much more.

Our custom mirrors tell a tale. A tale of a mirror image residing within your home; within your heart and soul. Every time you look in the mirror, you see your eyes. Every time you look in the mirror after you install one of our mirrors, you will see a happy image of your home and its decor unfolding in the background. You will see yourself taking centre stage in this drama as it plays out, in subtle silvery shades cascading over the rest of your senses. This effect is what we call the “mirror” effect.

With this mirror effect, we lend to your home a distinct personality, a rare character that almost makes your home speak to you. We do not just use mirrors as material. We use them as an element in their own right. With our mirrors, you will gain the confidence to let people admire you and understand you better. You will have the confidence to show the world all that you see in our mirrors!

August 1, 2012

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