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August 8, 2012

Glass in Toronto officially has a new address: Academy Glass. Here, you will find a wonderland of crystal clear clarity and reflections that will give you a whole new perspective on your lifestyle.

As one of the best glass companies, Academy Glass has been at the helm of cutting edge design and pioneering technology. We have something for every kind of property and every kind of need. Your property could be residential or commercial. It could be a home, a hospital, an office, a restaurant, a theatre, a zoo: just about anything. We cater to all your glass needs. We are equipped to handle large amounts of glass and deliver them to you with complete accuracy. Our business policy boasts of zero error tolerance, so that you never have to worry about getting a raw deal again.

At Academy Glass, we understand décor like no one else does. We have glass cutting techniques and services that can customise entire sheets of glass and mirror to fashion anything from wall art to peg tables and even dining table tops. Our functions involve glass cutting, installation, repair, replacement, maintenance and more: all this, even if you have not purchased the glass or mirror from us.

Besides glass and mirror of all kinds, with an eye on tints, thickness and trends; we also deal in shower enclosures and frameless shower doors. We have put in all our efforts into creating a range of products that is affordable and par excellence. We also place more than just high emphasis on durability, strength and a built in guarantee that you will not need to replace or repair your glass. We pride ourselves introducing such features as our very business foundations and philosophy.

With class and elegance as the order of the day for classic and timeless decor statements, you can be sure that a bay of glass windows or a mirrored wall will not go out of fashion in a hurry. And who better to partner with when it comes to creating timeless beauty. Call or visit The Academy Glass today to learn more!

August 8, 2012

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