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Your bathroom, especially your shower, is where you give your day a refreshing start. Standing under a steady stream of warm water as it runs down you head to toe is a blissful feeling that gears you up for the day. Watch vapour turn into droplets of water and run down the glass cubicle walls while you relax under the stream of water. Installing a transparent or translucent cubicle in your shower area is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. Our glass shower doors in Toronto are designed to give you a sensual experience every time you stand under the jetting stream of water.

Academy Glass has a wide range of products to make your day a beautiful one:

Cubicle doors: Opt for excellence with our range of doors crafted expert workmanship. These doors provide a strong and secure chamber and enhance your bathing experience.

Shower Enclosures: Our shower enclosures create a pleasant space for you where you can wash up comfortably surrounded by translucent or transparent glass. We have combined comfort with style at competitive prices to make luxury affordable for you.

Frameless Doors: Indulge yourself with the frameless sliders we have created for a unique bathing experience. Beauty and comfort welded with safety make our sliders the best in the industry. Steady grips minimize your chances of slippage, so you can shower comfortably every day.

Our services include installation, repair, and replacement along with maintenance of our products. These products include:

  • Single door with wall-mounted hinges
  • Slider with inline panel reaching ceiling, hinged left or right or top or bottom
  • Slider panel not reaching ceiling, with same height shower header and 90-degree return
  • Custom angle enclosure
  • Sliding door
  • Glass shower door with inline panel and 90-degree return.
  • Neo angle and custom angle shower enclosure
  • Sliding shower door
  • Tub enclosure
  • Enclosures for tubs
  • Clear, frosted, or sandblasted glass

Get in touch with us today at our Markham showroom for more information on our complete range of products.

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    Browse our wide range of customizable glass shower products to choose one that fits your taste and budget:

    Corner Shower Doors

    Features & Specifications:

    • Fits into the corner of your bathroom
    • Suitable for small bathrooms
    • Allows in light to make the space look bigger
    • Customizable for towel holder installation
    • Tempered glass safe for use
    • Easy to clean, so you can keep your glass looking new
    • Thin glass that looks elegant
    • Matching hardware to blend with the glass
    • Between ⅜” and ½" thick

    Clear Glass Shower Doors

    Features & Specifications:

    • Allows light through the glass to make your bathroom look bigger
    • Offers a clear view of the entire bathroom, adding an elegant appeal
    • In-line glass panels are easy to open and close
    • Side-mount hinges secure the door safely to the wall
    • Hardware can be customized to fit with the glass
    • Towel racks can be installed
    • Tempered glass that is safe to use
    • Seal-in technology prevents spillage of water outside the shower curb

    Custom Shower Enclosure

    Features & Specifications:

    • Tempered glass that doesn’t break into shards
    • Soap scum is easy to clean
    • Side-mount hinges help seal the door
    • Shower door can be installed to lock in spilled water
    • Towel hangers can be mounted on the shower enclosure wall
    • Tempered glass allows light to filter through

    Neo-Angle Enclosure

    Features & Specifications:

    • Frameless shower doors that can be fit into custom angles
    • Perfect for small bathrooms where you can accommodate a shower enclosure
    • Tempered glass provides safety to user
    • Easy to clean with cloth
    • Side-mount hinge seals the enclosure glass to the wall, locking in spillage
    • High-gloss glass allows light to filter through the enclosure
    • Contemporary design increases the real estate value of your home

    Clear Glass panel with 90-degree return

    Features & Specifications:

    • Glass is heat-tempered to provide security to the user
    • Tempered glass prevents glass from breaking into shards
    • Customizable to fit into in-line panel
    • Locks spillage of water
    • Towel rack or towel hanger can be installed
    • Side-mount hinges support the door
    • Clear glass allows light to filter through so the bathroom looks bigger

    Tinted Glass Shower Enclosure

    Features & Specifications:

    • Tinted glass adds a touch of privacy to the shower enclosure
    • Light filtering is less, which allows the enclosure to be a separate area inside the bathroom
    • Glass can be customized and designed to match your taste and sensibilities
    • Frameless glass between ⅜” and ½" thick lends elegance to the bathroom
    • Metal chrome-plated hinges support the door glass
    • Installed in customized angles to save space

    Framed Shower Enclosure

    Features & Specifications:

    • Framed glass door varies between a thickness of ⅛” and 3/16”
    • Frames support the shower glass and lend it strength
    • Customized angles to fit into your chosen corner of the bathroom
    • Raised curbs to lock in spilled water
    • Towel racks can be installed on the glass door
    • Framed glass adds elegance and increases your real estate value

    Shower Tub Enclosure

    Features & Specifications:

    • Step into the tub directly from the bathroom
    • Slider/hinge door options can be customized according to your needs
    • Customizable hardware to reflect your taste
    • Tempered glass is polished to look elegant and is yet sturdy and functional
    • Framed or frameless options allow you to design the bathroom of your dreams
    • Towel hangers can be fit into the enclosure door or glass wall
    • Raised track prevents spillage of water

    Sliding Shower Door

    Features & Specifications:

    • Roller track for sliding door reduces rattling and keeps door in place
    • Tempered and polished glass creates elegance and safety for user
    • Clear glass allows light to filter creating an illusion of extra space in the bathroom
    • Sliding door/Bypass door can be customized to suit your budget
    • Frameless solutions last for years with less metal to rust
    • Can be customized to install towel hangers or towel hooks

    Designed Glass Shower

    Features & Specifications:

    • Designed glass creates an elegant look and makes the shower look beautiful
    • Various designs available to suit your taste and requirement
    • Different designs with frosted or sandblasted finish offer privacy
    • Available in frameless or framed varieties
    • Metal hinges with minimalistic hardware create a seamless look
    • Increases the real estate value of your home

    Clear Waterproof Shower Door Bottom Seal Strip

    Features & Specifications:

    • Clear waterproof shower door bottom seal strip ( shower door bottom sweep)
    • Shower door side seal (shower door side sweep) for 3/8" (10mm) glass door
    • 180° H-Jamb