Glass Shower Doors Toronto

Glass Shower Doors TorontoYour bathroom, especially your shower is where you give your day a refreshing start. Standing under a steady stream of warm water as it runs down from head to toe is a blissful feeling that gears you up for the upcoming day. Watch the water vapor turn into droplets of water and run down the glass cubicle walls while you drum up your senses under the relaxing stream of water. Installing a transparent or translucent cubicle in your shower area is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. Our products – Glass Shower Doors in Toronto are designed to give you a sensual experience every time you stand under the jetting stream of water.

Academy Glass has a wide range of products to make your day a beautiful one:

Cubicle doors: Opt for excellence with our range of doors crafted with accuracy and expert workmanship. These doors provide a strong and secure chamber and enhance your bathing experience.

Shower Enclosures: Our shower enclosures create a comfortable space for you where you can wash up comfortably surrounded by translucent or transparent glass. We have combined comfort with style at competitive prices to make luxury affordable for you.

Frameless Doors: Indulge yourself with the frameless sliders that we have created for a unique bathing experience. Beauty and comfort welded with safety make our sliders one of the best in the industry. Steady grips minimize chances of slippage, so you can shower comfortably every day.

Our services include installation, repair and replacement along with maintenance of the products we give you. These services cover:

  • Single door with hinges that are wall-mounted
  • Slider with inline panel. Panel reaching ceiling, hinged left or right/ top or bottom hinges
  • Slider panel not reaching ceiling/ with same height shower header/ with 90 degree return
  • Custom angle enclosure
  • Sliding door
  • Glass shower door with 1 inline panel and 90 degree return.
  • Neo Angle and custom angle shower enclosure
  • Sliding shower door
  • Tub enclosure
  • Enclosures for tubs
  • Clear, Frosted, Sandblasted glass

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