Glass Shower Enclosures – Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Patterned

August 5th, 2016

Taking a shower is favored and enjoyed by all. Whether it’s a little child splashing its limbs in a tub full of water or a grown-up getting ready for the upcoming laborious hours; we long to a drive away fatigue with a refreshing bath. Efforts are made to add something new to this water dominated comfortable niche. Glass is undoubtedly the innovation embedded within the bathroom walls. The idea is to provide home owners with something exceptional and lavish, yet not too expensive.


Modern day bathroom showers are enclosed with glasses to increase level of ease and brilliance of appearance. While many enjoy the see-through effect within the privacy of opaque bathroom walls, others are rather concerned of the intervention. The varieties in which glasses are manufactured are meant to befit every customer’s requirement.

The Variations of Glass Shower Enclosures

All-glass single door: This is the simplest and commonly found shower door. Lovers of glass will unmistakably opt for the frameless shower door. Presence of less metal coverings allows the glass to rule the bathroom space with its grace. Instead of creating any contrast, metallic frame is minimized by using hinges or clamps.


Shower Enclosure

Increased use of glass: No you won’t have to carve out extra space for this. Here, one of the glass panels constituting a shower enclosure will have induced shelves and handles composed of glass itself. This idea is again for adorers of glass, where metal shelves or handles are completely erased out of the picture.

Colored glass panels: Well, who doesn’t love colors? Just think of the combination- glass tinted dark with color, to create privacy. This is one perfect solution for individuals who ache to revamp their bathroom with glass shower door but aren’t willing to give up secrecy. There is no constraint while applying different shades of color to glass panels. Choose a charismatic color or match the frameless glass shower panels with that of your bathroom walls.

Frosted shower glass: It is another genre of styling glass panels for people favouring seclusion. Glass is treated with processes of sandblasting and acid etching to make it translucent and attractively textured. You can avail fully or partially frosted glass panels. The texture on such frosted glass varies from waves, raindrops, grains, stripes and floral patterns.

Broadly the glass panels have a layer of protective coating on them. It prevents the accumulation of dirt, soap and moisture. This makes it easier for you to clean the panels. Regular wiping will keep uninvited remnants away, but use only mild solutions to preserve the guarding layer. Another way to protect unguarded glass panels is to paint them and use them as bathroom splashbacks.