Glass Shower Enclosures – Safety and Utility Matters

November 9th, 2016

Glass is amazing with its luster and glamor. People have countless queries swarming around the glass, wrongly concluding that glass is weak and it lack privacy. But can anything compete with the classy charm that glass adds to a space? The dazzling magnificence of glass is inarguably matchless.

Opt for glass in bathroom without any doubts as they are gradually bettered in terms of strength and appearance, to meet your expectations flawlessly.


What about Safety?

To answer this segment precisely, first, you need to actualize what level of safety you expect from your glass shower enclosures. Despite careful installation and protective measures, a glass panel might accidentally fall and create a situation of utter distress. Following Customer Products Safety Commission guidelines, glass panels are treated with heat. This process makes the shower enclosures composed of glass to break down into small pieces rather than dangerous shards.

Are Frameless Glass Shower Doors Absolutely Harmless?

Indeed, a fear may strike your mind that devoid of any sturdy metallic frame, how can the glass panels alone remain steady? The manufacturers with years of experience have analyzed every sphere and worked out ways, which suits your aspirations in the fittest manner. While you decide on frameless glass shower enclosure, the provider will offer you wide-ranged thick glass panels. Being heavy, they are able to stand alone without any support from metallic structure.

What about the Assured Accessibility?

Are you uncomfortable imagining the absence of opacity? Apparently your shower is your own and if complete retreat is what you desire. Frosted and tinted glass renders heightened privacy. Glass enclosures are accessible in phenomenal designs sandblasted or acid etched onto them.

Are There Varieties in Applying the Glass Enclosures in Bathroom?

Decidedly there are many ways you can install a glass enclosure as per your specific requirements. In case you have space enough to spare, then glass panels can be affixed together in-line manner; to brilliantly bind together your regenerating space without obstruction.

To break the common method of accessing shower, you can relish the simplicity of sliding doors in glass shower enclosures. The sliding panels can reach up to the height of the ceiling or remain low utilizing frames.

For constrain of space you can install neo-angle glass shower enclosure for the corner of your bathing space.

When you find yourself stuck with a bath tub within a small bathroom, then there is no need to feel low thinking about cost of the upgrade. Your bathroom receives a new make-over coupled with great utilities of glass enclosure mounted on the tub. You can enjoy splashing the water as much as you want now, as the water will remain tugged within the confines of the glass enclosure.