Glass Window Repair: For All Your Glass Related issues in Toronto

September 19, 2012

Academy Glass prides itself on stellar quality and design when it comes to glass and mirror of all kinds. We believe in variety and fitting glass and mirror in spots where you might not have imagined fitting in anything of the sort. In doing so, we render elegance to your surroundings apart from that generous dose of beautiful decor statements. Yet, with glass comes the risk of breakage and chips, as well as maintenance. Here at Academy Glass, we take care of glass window repair as well, and always with a smile. For any window repair on your property, we act promptly and immediately to take care of the problem with cent per cent accuracy so that you are a satisfied customer at the end of the day.

Our sense of achievement is owed to our product line, our prompt and reasonable services, as well as our keen eye for design, pattern and trends. Our research and development team is constantly trying to keep an eye on the very pulse of everything décor, everything design and everything to do with architectural beauty. Accordingly, we have dedicated this month’s blog series to outstanding pieces of arts that people mostly like to refer to as buildings or architectural structured. Not for the decor obsessed team here at Academy Glass, though. We call these structures art because of the fact that glass and mirror are a very integral part of their design.

Just like in this structure. Called the Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic, this building invited major controversy at the time of its inception and when it was initially built. The once odd structure is now an architectural marvel that looks like two figures dancing with joy and abandon. The very feel of this structure is one that evokes happiness and a lingering second glance. The glass tiles on the exterior and the disarrayed windows on the adjoining structure make it look almost human like with its curves and disposition. With a naughty curve, you almost expect the structure to break out into a jig and a smile or two along the way. In fact, it makes like it is about to take a happy stroll down the street where it resides!

For such happy statements on glass and mirror, contact us today!

September 19, 2012

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