Glass Window Repair in Toronto: To Fix Those Pesky Issues

October 15th, 2012

Glass window repair is a matter of great precision and accuracy. To be able to carry out repairs or replacements of windows, one either has to be an expert or know an expert or two. Luckily, your ideal solution is right here. And this is how we operate:

– When you have a need for glass window repair, all you do is log onto our website or give us a call, right here at The Academy Glass Company. We do not just store the supplies and products required, we even have in house experts who will take your call.

– You will then be required to give us your specifics in terms of location and the degree of damage in terms of a fogging window, a cracked or broken window or a simple update in terms of a new thickness or tint. Whatever be your requirement, we will attend to it.

– Once you have alerted us of your problem, we will come over and take the initial measurements and do a pre assessment of the degree of the problem. Based on your description on the phone, or when you visit us at our store, we will carry the necessary equipment.

– But if the problem turns out to be a bigger or more chronic one that will need more work, we will take our pre-assessment notes and head back to Academy Glass’s premises to dig up the correct equipment, material and even manpower.

– We will then come right back to your property and begin the work. In no time at all, your repair or replacement woes will be carefully and accurately sorted. At this point, our inspection procedure will kick in, during which your feedback and thoughts will also be taken into consideration.

– With utmost sincerity and accuracy, we will now deem the project completed and hand it over to the happy customer: you.

At The Academy Glass Company, glass window repair in Toronto becomes a lark as we go about the job with complete dedication and professionalism. No project is considered too small or insignificant: we do it all!