Glass Window Repair Toronto: Now At Your Doorstep

August 2nd, 2012

Glass Window Repair

How many times have you had to waste weekends trying to fix a broken glass window, only to realize that it doesn’t seem good enough and that you could have done with some professional help. To save you the time, energy and money that goes into replacing or repairing a glass window (we are talking about all those beers you down to quench your thirst after the task), we at Academy Glass have designed an entire suite of services aimed at taking the trouble off of your hands.

Your glass window repair is now officially over. Here at The Academy Glass, we believe in morals like comfort and style rather than making a quick buck. Which is why you will get services ranging from repair, maintenance and even installation, at never heard before prices. Instead of working up a sweat and getting nowhere (except maybe, scoring in the frustration department), why don’t you give us a chance to help you relax?

With our glass window repair in Toronto, we have lined up a team of experts who first reach the scene to do some damage assessment. This includes taking notes on the kind of glass, tint, thickness and the strength of the frame and whether or not it will support this kind of glass in the times to come. We will then take the measurements and give you the best recommendations from our top of the line glass products. And while we are talking about being on top; there’s just one thing in our store that comes in right at the bottom with the lowliest of scores: our prices.

That’s right. You get assessment, repair, replacement and installation at rates so cheap, you will actually do a double take when the bill is presented to you. And to top it all, the service is prompt and rendered with a happy cheer that will spread through your space and carry on every time you regard the glass window in question!

So instead of watching YouTube videos on how to repair a broken glass window, just give a call and take the practical high road! Easier way to solve the problem!