Glass Window Repair Toronto: Now A Reality

July 3rd, 2012

Are pesky repair woes bothering you? A broken glass that just do not have the time fix? We know how irritating that can be. So here we are; tools in the overalls, ready to give you prompt and courteous repair services for your glass and mirror fixtures. Academy Glass presents glass window repair: your dream that is now a reality!

How often do you get down and dirty to tackle repair issues in your space? I mean, just look around. There’s so much more to do during weekends, right? First, you need to remember that there was that window that needed fixing. Then, you get down to taking those cumbersome measurements – down to the right inch. And finally, that trip to the glass store. You need to choose the right glass, get the thickness and tint right; or hold, was there even a tint on the previous one? Then follows the long haul home before it sits in the garage for weeks at an end as you contemplate getting down to the actual act of fixing it. Then, a few beers down, you get your act together and fix the window after hours of battle with inches and angles. Is it worth it?

You get the picture, right? Glass window repair or anywhere can be a pain. This is why we here at Academy have decided to do something about it.

When faced with a broken window, all you now have to do is call us or visit us online. We take down the address, pay you a visit and take measurements. Promptly, someone from our end arrives with the glass required, fixes it in a jiffy and then leaves with a smile and the remnants of accuracy and fool proof services. Now, that really is the new age way of doing it, don’t you agree?

Repair services at our end are not only prompt and a delight given our polite and well trained staff, they are also carried out irrespective of where you may have purchased your glass. Simply put, that means you do not have to hesitate in calling us if you have not purchased the broken glass from us. We will repair it anyways. And with a smile!