Glass Windows: Which Is Best for Your Home? (11 Types)

June 3rd, 2021

If you’re renovating your home, one element you should consider updating is your window glass, as it can change its look entirely.

But which type of glass window will work best? Let’s examine your options

11 Types of Glass Windows to Improve Your Home

11 Types of Glass Windows to Improve Your Home

The type of glass used in your windows determines how strong or energy efficient they will be. It will also decide how easily you’ll be able to find glass window repair in Toronto and how much will it cost.

Let’s examine the types of glass windows available so you figure out which is best for your home.

1. Float Glass

Float glass gets its name from the process by which it is formed. Molten glass is floated on the molten tin and formed into a smooth, large, thin glass panel. It is then cut, treated, and upgraded to be framed. It is a low-cost, colourless, and mildly strong glass.

2. Safety Laminated Glass

Safety laminated glass is a good, strong option. It is made by fusing two panes together around an interlayer of binding resin (typically polyvinyl butyral) using intense heat and pressure.

This type of glass is often preferred in vehicles since it causes minimal damage to the occupant if it breaks. In case of breakage, it will stay in its frame until you can get it repaired. You can also fix any cracks yourself.

3. Obscured Glass

Obscured glass windows allow natural light inside but are the best options for places where you need privacy. They can be frosted, coated, etched, or designed in a way to reflect a vague shadow only.

4. Annealed Glass 

Annealed glass is cooled in a slow, controlled, and meticulous process to reduce stress and increase strength. (Consider it an upgrade of float glass.) Its main drawback is that it breaks into shards and so you’ll need to be careful with it.

5. Tempered Glass 

A tempered glass window has four times the strength of annealed glass so is preferred over many other glass types. Since tempered glass can’t be cut, it is tempered only after the annealed glass is finished to the desired size.

6. Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is an upgrade of obscured glass. Usually, colour is added for aesthetics and to tint the glass. This reduces the amount of light that comes in but can add protection from UV rays.

7. Insulated Glass

These are the most common glass windows since they are optimized for energy efficiency. It is also called double or triple glazed. Insulated glass is two or three glass panes with argon gas in between. A desiccant component is used to prevent condensation in between the panes.

8. Mirrored Glass

As evidenced by the name, these windows provide a mirror effect. A metal coating is sealed with a protective sealant on one side of the glass pane. It is usually preferred for decorative purposes on walls and interiors. It can also be used as a statement mirror in your bathroom or living room. This type of window glass is easily repaired in Toronto.

9. Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass lies somewhere between annealed and tempered glass in terms of durability. It is cooled quickly but not as quickly as tempered glass so is not as strong. If you’re planning to use it for exterior windows, get it laminated because it can shatter easily into sharp pieces.

10. Wired Glass

This window has a grid of wires built into the panes that hold the glass in place under extensive heat, making it fire resistant. Commonly used in hospitals, schools, and other commercial buildings, it will not give off shards even under pressure from a firefighter’s hose.

11. Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is a good option if thermal reflection – i.e. keeping out infrared rays while allowing in sunlight – is a concern. In winter it traps heat inside; in summer it directs it away from your house. These windows are expensive, but because they are energy efficient, they save you a lot of money in the long run.

Consider all the benefits and drawbacks of glass windows before making a decision. And if you need window glass replacement in Toronto or other related services, we will be glad to assist you.