A Guide to the Different Types of Shower Enclosures

September 6, 2018

Finding the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom is a challenging task. There is an array of options to choose from such as quadrant, frameless, hinged, sliding, bi-fold and D-shaped. As the shower area is considered the focal point of a bathroom, you should choose a style that will suit the décor of your space.

If you’re planning to get a shower enclosure, then this blog post by Academy Glass is meant for you. We uncover the most popular types to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to find out more!

• Quadrant

quadrant shower enclosure

A quadrant shower enclosure fits in any corner, saving a lot of space in the bathroom. It also features sliding doors to make room for additional vanities. This style is ideal for any bathroom and is available in a variety of colours and sizes.

• Framed

Framed enclosure

Framed enclosures are traditional and cost-effective. They stop water leakage in a bathroom and can be stylish if you choose a frame that complements your other accessories. You can select a metal or chrome finish for the frame to complement the décor of your bathroom.

• Frameless

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless styles are modern and exhibit a chic look. Unlike traditional framed shower doors, frameless ones make the room to look simple and airy. They complement any bathroom type and size, and are made of thick tempered glass for sturdiness.

• Hinged Door

Hinged enclosure

Hinged enclosures swing outward in the bathroom, which makes this a perfect fit for a larger bathroom. If you add a metal handle, these doors look stylish and convenient. They can be rectangular or oval shaped. Choose the one that will blend well with the interior of your bathroom.

• Sliding Door


When you don’t have room for a swinging glass door, a sliding door is the best option. It saves a lot of space and looks tasteful. The best feature of this door is that it can be custom-made to fit any size and style.

• D-shaped

D-shaped enclosure

If you are looking to fit a shower and a bath-tub in the same space, then a D-shaped enclosure is an ideal option. This ensures more space and is appropriate for a small bathroom.

• Textured Glass

Textured Glass

For preserving the privacy in your shower space, opt for textured glass. It’s not frosted, yet it imparts a dramatic look. It also allows a sheer effect that creates an illusion of more space, which makes a bathroom look bigger.

• Glass Block Shower

Glass Block Shower Enclosure

You don’t need a door when installing a glass block in your bathroom. The glass used here is patterned, which gives a chic look to this space. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours and thickness.

Review the above-listed types of shower enclosures and choose one that suits you the best. You should consider the interiors of your bathroom when choosing an enclosure, as showers complete the look of your bathroom. If you’re looking to buy shower enclosures in Toronto, then get in touch with us and request a quote today!

September 6, 2018

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