Guide to Buying a New Shower Enclosure

September 10, 2015

Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are a crucial part of bathrooms. They are not only high on functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of the space transforming it into a luxurious and stylish spot. If you are planning to install a new shower enclosure or replacing an existing one, here are a few tips that shall help you go about the process and make the best choice.

• Enclosure with frame or a frameless one

Since shower enclosures play an important role in improving the aesthetic value of a bathroom, you need to weigh all options before making a final choice. Frameless showers offer a minimalist look, giving an impression of more space. These showers are extremely versatile and can seamlessly complement every kind of decor in a bathroom.

Framed showers have more options when it comes to stylizing your bathroom. You can choose the frame in different colors and shapes to match your sense of style and the rest of the space. Framed showers add accent to the bathroom.

• Shape of enclosure

When it comes to choosing the shape of a shower enclosure you may not have much choice as they are usually congruent to the shape of the bathroom, which is mostly square or rectangular. Showers with straight lines look neat and add an element of spaciousness while ensuring optimum utilization of space.


• Choice of Glass

Glasses come in wide varieties and you can choose that appeals to your sense of aesthetics. Clear or obscure glasses are two broad classifications. The desired level of privacy in the glass shower is an important determinant in deciding which glass you choose. Both these glasses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Obscured glasses have more designs while clear glass only has various tints as options.


Shower doors are an important for every kind of glass shower, be it a framed one or a frameless one. These doors can either be sliding or swinging. Sliding doors are a good option if space is less, while you can go for swinging ones if you can spare space for its movement. Sliding doors require two panels for the door to move. In case of swinging doors, they can open either inwards or outwards, totally depending upon the available space.

• Fixtures

When you are installing a new glass shower, make sure that you also install new fixtures. This is important for a matching co-ordinated look. This is more important in case of framed glass showers, as you may want fixtures and accessories that go with the frame.

September 10, 2015

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