Guide to Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

March 13, 2015

Glass Cleaning

Shiny, smear-free glasses and mirrors help your home sparkle. Streaks are ugly and depressive and without proper care your glass windows and mirrors may be inundated with these spots. To attack those blemishes here are some tips that can act as your perfect weapons.

• Vinegar

A multipurpose cleaning agent acts as a life-saver for those who like to clean and maintain their homes on a regular basis. It is extremely cost-effective and can be used to sparkle up almost anything and everything. You don’t need to buy expensive glass cleaners when you have this cheaper alternative. Spray a diluted mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar and start wiping with a soft piece of cloth just like you would do with other cleaners. Some people detest the smell but it is a small price to be paid for the functionality it offers. For the best effect, make a mixture of water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol, which can give stiff competition to the best industrial cleaners.

• Top to bottom

To ensure streak-free cleaning, the wiping movement should be unidirectional- from top to bottom so that the already cleaned surface is not showered with drips again.

• Distilled water

Few of us take the importance of water into consideration while cleaning but the quality of water does have an effect, especially if it is hard. Use distilled water when you dilute glass cleaner. Since it is devoid of the usual minerals, the result will be glass with more sparkle.

• Cotton swabs

Despite using quite a bit of elbow grease do you still find buildups in glass corners? You don’t have to fret for that anymore. You can easily take care of that residue with a cotton swab. It’s an easy and simple tool to reach out to those difficult places.

• Replace newspapers with old t-shirts

Previously using newspapers was recommended for a clean streak-free window. However, there are chances of the ink used in newspapers getting rubbed off on the glasses, making it even messier. Instead, it is a better idea to use old and worn t-shirts since they are more absorbent and do not contain lint residues.

• Squeegee

An oft neglected window cleaning tool is the squeegee but trust me when I say that it will leave your glasses looking polished and brand new. It limits the efforts to clean surfaces. If the window you are cleaning is tall then buy a long handled squeegee which can help you clean shower walls as well.

The tips given here are sure to cut down on your effort and time taken for cleaning up glass surfaces. So, happy cleaning!

March 13, 2015

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