How Frameless Glass Railings Make Your Balcony Safe and Secure

April 3rd, 2023

Balconies are a wonderful addition to any house as they provide a place to get sunshine and fresh air while providing a stunning view.

But it is important to ensure that your balcony is safe and secure, especially when you have pets or kids.

One of the best ways to do this is by installing frameless glass railings. They not only offer an unobstructed view but provide your home with a modern and elegant appearance.

In this post, we explore how these glass railings help create a secure balcony.

How Frameless Glass Railings Make Your Balcony Safe and Secure

Balconies are often narrow and limited in terms of space, so you may require glass railings that work well in a small area. There are two styles available. One is a complete glass railing unit that may be custom-cut to perfectly fit your balcony. The other option is to use a simple-to-install kit that helps you to drop glass panes down into the railing system. Whichever you select, you will require the following things:

Tempered Glass PanesThese are made to resist abrasion which is particularly important on a balcony where natural elements such as strong winds or falling tree branches may be concerns.

High-Quality HardwareThe hardware must be durable, withstand corrosion, and be designed to be used with glass. As the railing glass will last for years, you also want the hardware to last as long.

InstallationA glass railing system is not something you can install on your own unless you select a reliable manufacturer that can make a kit with a drop-in unit and precut glass panels. Otherwise, you should select a railing unit from the manufacturer and have them professionally mount it for you.

When it comes to frameless glass railings, installation can be complex and difficult. This is because it calls for the glass to be measured precisely which only an expert installer can do.

Things to Consider When Using Frameless Glass Railings

A key consideration when working on your balcony is whether the glass railing is high enough. It should be a minimum of 36 inches high.

Below are a few other factors to consider:

  • When it comes to measuring the glass, there is no room for error. If the glass is custom-cut, you will need to be even more careful as any miscalculation can make the panels unworkable.
  • If your glass panels are custom-built, you cannot return them. The standard rule is to measure twice and cut once. We recommend having someone else check your measurements to avoid making a costly error or have our professional installers do it for you.
  • Glass balcony railings should be able to withstand at least 200 pounds of pressure. Glass has a lower load weight, so ensure that the glass you purchase can withstand that level of pressure. (The term ‘low load weight’ refers to a weight that is relatively light or small compared to the maximum load capacity of a particular system or structure.)
  • When you live in an area with lots of birds, such as a rural locality or forest, there is a possibility that they may hit your glass railing. In such cases, tinted glass or colourful stickers may be helpful.
Vital Tips for Maintaining Frameless Glass Railings

Watermarks, dust, and dirt will accumulate on any glass railing panels, including frameless ones. That is why it is important to clean these panels. This keeps them shiny and your view unobstructed.

As balcony glass railings are exposed to the elements constantly, daily maintenance assures their durability and safety.

Here are the two vital steps you should follow for regular glass railings maintenance:

InspectionMake sure you inspect all the glass railing supports and brackets to identify any signs of wear and tear. And keep them tight whenever they become loose. As the majority of their parts are made from aluminum, corrosion should not be an issue.

Moreover, ensure effective drainage near the railing base as much as you can. Water damage can lead to rot, which can weaken and damage the whole railing system.

Keep your balcony and any layer of waterproofing in top condition by checking both regularly. After all, this layer can develop holes or cracks if not maintained and inspected correctly. Therefore, the overall structure of the balcony is at risk of damage. This is more dangerous when you work or reside in a high-rise apartment.

CleaningClean the glass panels occasionally with a blend of dish soap and water. You may also use a specialized glass cleaning product. Another homemade cleaning solution is water and vinegar. This solution is a great option to clean glass and kill germs and mould. To wipe off watermarks, remove them gently using a squeegee.

A glass balcony railing system offers many benefits. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and provides a touch of elegance to any home. Use these tips to create a safe and beautiful balcony using frameless glass railings. For more information, contact Academy Glass. We are a leading glass company offering a wide range of glass products. We also provide exceptional glass repair, installation, and maintenance services.