Your Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Shower Enclosures

August 30th, 2021

Shopping for shower enclosures in Toronto can get both confusing and tiring given the seemingly numerous options. Indeed, there is a shower enclosure (and shower door) for bathrooms of all sizes and layouts. There are frameless glass shower doors, walk-in shower doors, and many more options.

To maximize the visual appeal and functionality of your home’s shower space, you should of course pick the best one. But how?

Easy! Just follow these tips from Toronto’s top glass shower enclosures company.

Why Should You Buy a Shower Enclosure?

Your shower enclosure keeps your bathroom hygienic by keeping it free from bacteria. It also prevents the floor outside the shower from getting slippery, thus making your bathroom safe. And it adds to its visual appeal.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Shower Enclosure

1. Space

Space is the primary factor in deciding what kind of bathroom enclosure you pick. If it is a little cramped, you can go for a bath over a shower combined with a bath screen. (You can pick from a wide range of bath screens.) You can also go with mirrored glass to have a full-length mirror and save the space from not needing to have one.

2. Position

A recess or alcove is an ideal way to make the most of your space. Even if you are setting up your shower in a corner, you will find many amazing seamless and classic designs. A corner enclosure no longer means a clumsy-looking cube. If you are putting your shower in the center, you will have to consider the kind of panels you want and the type of door that will complement it.

3. Style

The biggest task is to pick a perfect style for your enclosure. Recessed enclosures fit perfectly between two walls, leaving the rest of the space for other fittings and furniture. This feature makes them a good option for small bathrooms. They come in two variants: fully-enclosed and walk-ins.

Another option worth considering for small bathrooms is quadrant enclosures. They are shaped like a quarter circle; they have sides the same length and a rounded outer edge. More compact than traditional square and rectangular enclosures, these also come in two variants: single sliding doors and double sliding doors.

If the wall dimensions vary on either side and the shower area looks oddly-shaped, pick an offset quadrant enclosure. The only difference between these and a quadrant enclosure is that one side of an offset enclosure is longer than the other. Or you can go for a pentagon enclosure.

When it comes to a bigger bathroom, there are many types of shower enclosures in Toronto from which to choose. Have questions? Ask us to help figure out which one is best for your needs.

4. Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are simply a piece of glass set up on a shower tray or waterproof floor. They are easy to maintain and clean. Also, they are extremely safe for people of all ages. This is the best option if you want to achieve a wet-room look without the issues of tanking the floor and walls.

5. Doors 

Along with selecting a shower enclosure, it is also important to pick the door that will best fit your space and preferences. Hinged doors are best for spacious bathrooms as they open into the room, offering a wide entrance. Then there are pivot doors which rotate on pin mechanisms at the top and bottom. They open outwards, and their far edge swings back into the shower. That’s why they require less clearance than hinged doors.

Bifold doors are worth considering if you’re trying to save space. This type folds into the shower enclosure and doesn’t infringe your bathroom space. A sliding door is the best space-saving mechanism as it doesn’t need clearance space in front of the shower to open. But you should always check how much area will be required for the doors to open properly. Some meter-wide sliding doors come with only 370 mm entry width or less. You can also opt for customised doors.

6. Framed or Frameless

Frameless shower enclosures are popular because they are visually stunning. Clear glass creates an illusion of more space. You can combine them with chrome-polished edges for a sleek and stylish look, while framed enclosures are sturdy and give your bathroom a classic look.

7. Thickness

Shower enclosures are made from tempered glass and come in different thickness; the thicker the glass, the pricier (and safer) your enclosure. Thin glass is lightweight and hence doesn’t feel smooth or substantial. This glass is also prone to damage while thick glass will last longer.

8. Maintenance

Shower enclosures made from untreated glass can stain easily and be difficult to clean which is why glass with a protective coating is preferable. This coating prevents staining, so the glass is easy to clean and maintain.

There are many factors to consider when buying a shower enclosure. You can also consider having storage inside your enclosure and a bench for a steam bath for waiting for your shower to warm up. A shower enclosure can enhance the look of your bathroom or destroy it, so consult this buyer’s guide before purchasing one.