How to Combat Small Bathing Space with Glass Shower Enclosure

July 4th, 2016

 Once the bug of reconditioning stings our taste, revolutionary ideas are bound to touch our homes. At the planning level, commonly drawing, living and dining rooms are designed first. The left-over area is then stylized into bathrooms, kitchens, porches and store-rooms. To overcome the hassle of small space, the shower or tub is covered with a cloth or plastic curtain.


Glass Shower Enclosure

While we do so, we know it is just an alternative that cannot be compared to stylish and innovative washroom necessities. The predominant plastic or wooden shower covering provides us private space. Glass surrounding us, while we refresh ourselves is pure drama. Shower enclosures, made of glass, are drafted differently to fit both large and small bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms appear larger with glass shower enclosures installed within.

How do glass enclosures magically make small bathrooms look larger?

Every home is loved and so is the washroom, then why let any shortfall curb your dreams. The trick is to avail what is best for you from the given options.

  1. Space is never a constraint

  • Restrained capacity for shower makes you flurried. You become unsure whether your refreshing cubicle will least have presentable appearance. Glass enclosure is the most apt solution to this space-constraint problem.
  • Shower enclosures made of glass are available in variant patterns, designs and sizes. Selecting an enclosure to fit within a really limited bathroom area will prove to be no hindrance at all. You or your decorator will be able to choose and install one that best suits the washroom surrounding.
  1. Induced with Glass Shelves

  • Limited bathroom space prevents you from trying new measures to magnify the appearance. To infuse any stylish bathroom hardware or even simple bathroom holder seems troublesome.
  • Without washroom hardware it is difficult and problematic to manage the contents of bathroom. As a solution the manufacturers have introduced glass enclosures with ingrained neatly cut glass shelves. These multi-use shelves in the glass shower enclosure help you to exclude plastic or metallic bathroom holders, which spoil the look and occupy a lot of space.

A pivot door broadly opens either fully inward or outward and consumes a lot of washroom area. To lessen the problem of restricted space, it is wise to use glass shower enclosure of bi-fold pattern.  The strength of bi-fold technique lies in the fact that it splits a single door in two that can be slid or opened inward or outward. Even in inadequate corner space, a bi-fold enclosure ensures compact yet complete shower spaces.