How to Decorate a Space with Wall Mirrors?

September 30, 2015

Mirrors are an important accessory that can be used in every kind of space be it a home or office. They are extremely versatile in nature that makes them suitable for all kinds of space that needs a makeover. Wall mirrors instantly perk up a room and add character to it. They also make a room look more spacious owing to the reflection factor. However, if you are planning to accessorize your space with wall mirrors there are a few factors that you need to be considered. Here we list a few factors that shall help you choose the right mirror for your room.

wall mirror

• Position

It is important that you decide where you want to put up a wall mirror. Though mirrors work well for every kind of space, you need to put it up where its effect is the best that is it makes the room appear bigger, brighter and more spacious. Mirrors are ideal for small or narrow spaces because they add spaciousness to the space.

• Shape and Design

The shape and design are very important factors that you need to consider while buying one. The shape as well as the design has to suit the interiors of the room and decor. For shapes you can choose from rectangular, circular, oval, curved sides, hexagonal or octagonal, etc.

• Frame

You have to pay attention to the frame of a mirror while installing one. The frame has the ability to either make or mar the look. There is a wide variety of frames available that you can choose from. Some common materials used in frames are wood, copper, wrought iron, copper, vinyl, resin, acrylic, etc. The frame should enhance the look of the mirror and add to the aesthetic appeal. Select a frame keeping this in mind.

• Create a focal point

By choosing a decorative and stylish mirror you can create a focal point in a room. For example, you can install a large mirror with an attractive frame right above the fireplace to decorate the mantel. You can also place it on the wall opposite to an artwork. Always remember that the wall mirror should always reflect something interesting and positive. It would be a bad idea for a mirror in the living room to reflect the kitchen or bedroom area.

• Purpose

You need to bear in mind why you are installing a wall mirror. Whether it is purely for aesthetic reasons or some functional purpose will be an important determinant in deciding what to buy.

While installing a mirror it is also important that you pay attention to how you choose to hang the mirror. You can either use adhesives or install brackets. Whatever you opt for should be able to support and hold the mirror in its position.

September 30, 2015

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