How to Decorate Your Home with Mirrors

March 3rd, 2017



A well-placed mirror has the capability of altering the appearance of a room. It’s a great addition to your décor and can be extremely functional if placed strategically. It can make any space look larger and brighter.

Mirrors are great when used as decorative pieces. Their utility should not be confined to wall mirrors only. In fact, there are many ways to experiment with the placement of mirrors, in order to decorate your home creatively.

Here are a few unique places to decorate with mirrors:

  • Table Mirror or Centrepiece

Use a full-length mirror to cover up your dining table and give it a new look. Place it in the centre and decorate it with flowers and vases of different sizes. It will work as an amazing centrepiece and enhance the look of your dining room.

  • On a Window

This may sound unusual but placing a mirror on your window gives an edge to your room. A mirror acts as a focal point and provides an end to the room. It works perfectly for larger rooms, making them look more intimate.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Install cabinets with mirror doors in your kitchen for a spacious look. Small kitchens can look cluttered and messy due to their size. Kitchen cabinets with mirrors will add a unique effect and make the space look bigger.

  • Wall Tiles

Using attractive antiqued mirror tiles on you wall can transform your room. Placing the tiles strategically will add elegance and overall style to any space. They can be installed on bathroom walls in place of ceramic tiles, as a unique touch.

  • Combine Art and Mirror

Provide a clean background to a piece of art by placing a mirror behind it. A mirror will work as a frame for the art and provide depth to it. You can also place mirrors behind decorative items like a vase or a bonsai in order to emphasize its look.

  • Artistic Touch with Frames

Add a modern and artistic appeal to your room by placing a framed mirror on the wall with another empty frame. It will be a great way of utilizing empty picture frames and adding elegance to your room.

  • Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Hang a large mirror in outdoor areas to give them a room-like appearance. Patios and decks with canopy roofs are the best candidates for this type of enhancement. Simply placing a mirror can make them appear like actual closed rooms. The outside reflection of greenery in the mirror will add beauty to the semi-enclosed space.

Experimenting with mirror placement is a great way to incorporate style and functionality into your home. They are not mere pieces of furniture; they are a style statement to compliment your décor. If you love trying unique things, take on a DIY mirror project, and give a personal touch to your home design.