How to Repair a Glass Shower Door That Leaks Water

June 3rd, 2022

A glass bathroom shower door not only helps to keep the space dry but improves its look. These doors retain water inside the shower area and prevent it from splashing outside.

But these doors can leak, leading to many problems, such as mould growth and damage to the floor and wall.

So, how do you repair a glass shower door that leaks? It is easier than you may think, but identifying the leak can be a challenge. Toronto’s leading glass company discusses the key steps to detecting such leaks and discusses their probable solutions.

Let’s find out what they are.

What Can Cause Your Glass Shower Door to Leak and How Can It Be Fixed?

There are several reasons why glass shower doors leak, depending on their layout and design. Here are the most common ones and the best ways to fix them.

Poor Caulking

Both frameless and framed custom glass shower doors in Toronto may be sealed near the edges with caulking to prevent water from escaping the shower. Missing or worn-out caulking may allow moisture to escape.

An Improperly-Installed Glass Shower Door’s Sweep Leaks

A glass door sweep is mounted in order to prevent water from flowing out of the door. A loose or broken door sweep that is installed either vertically or at the door’s bottom is prone to water leakage.

Blocked Drain Holes 

Glass shower doors have drain holes located inside their frame. These allow water to enter the frame to drain out into the shower. When the holes are clogged, the water will either drain outside or overflow into your bathroom.

Poorly-Inclined Shower Curbs 

A glass shower curb is a threshold that you may step over in order to exit or enter the glass shower. It is often a few inches in height but may help to retain water inside the glass shower. It is an effective barrier, and its top also has a 5-degree slant so water that remains on the top of this curb will run back inside the shower.

A Detailed Guide on How to Repair a Leaking Glass Shower Door

How effectively a leak can be fixed depends on where it originates and the kind of shower glass door you have. This type of professional repair should only be attempted by professionals like those at Academy Glass. However, if you are interested in repairing this door on your own, consider these expert tips:

Shower Leaks on the Wall

Old caulking must be removed and fresh caulk applied to the inner edges of the frame where it meets the tub and walls. This should be done with caution to ensure that the drain holes do not get blocked with caulking. Caulk cartridges, strips, and squeeze tubes are the three most common types of caulking. So, make sure that its colour matches either the existing caulk or your bathroom’s finish.

Shower Door Leaks beneath the Door

A leak that originates near the bottom of a framed glass shower door may be caused by blocked drain holes. So, these holes should be cleaned to remove the blockage. However, if you have a frameless shower door, then you need to check the sweep that runs across the bottom. Sometimes these sweeps need to be fixed, replaced, or even adjusted.

If there is any problem with improper sloping, then this may be caused by the shower curb. To fix this, the whole floor tile work of the shower needs to be redone.

Shower Door Leaks between Glass 

When water leaks through the shower door where the two glass panes meet, a seal has to be installed. This seal becomes a barrier to fill up the gap between the panes and allows water to drain back inside the shower. These seals can also be installed with the help of adhesive that keeps them in place.

If you want to repair your glass door in Toronto that leaks, hiring a professional is your best bet, especially when you do not have the necessary experience. Call us or schedule an appointment online to fix your door quickly. Go through our reviews to learn how satisfied our customers are with our services.