How to Select a Custom Glass Dining Table Top in Toronto

April 2nd, 2022

Your dining room is likely one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where your family gathers to share meals and create memories. So, a dining table that is beautiful and functional is ideal.

To that end, a custom glass table top helps enhance the look of the dining table in your Toronto-area home. It can make your space look brighter and bigger. It is easy to clean and helps retain your table’s elegance. A glass table top is also simple to repair or replace if it breaks or becomes scratched.

Toronto’s leading glass dining table company, Academy Glass, recommends that you consider these tips when buying a custom-made table top for your dining space.

Let’s get started.

Tips for Selecting Custom Table Top Glass for Your Dining Table

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right custom glass table top for your dining table? Follow these important tips.

  1. Select the Right Shape

It is vital to choose the right shape for your custom glass dining table top. At Academy Glass, we offer a variety of options.

Round: This round table top provides more space, looks gorgeous and facilitates easy and quick movement around the table.

Square: Like a round table top, a square one improves the look and feel of your dining room. It accommodates a small group of people who can interact easily during dinner.

Rectangular: This can accommodate a large group of people and even helps you to expand seating arrangements when hosting any party.

  1. Choose the Right Glass Type 

Here are the most popular types of glass for dining table tops in Toronto.

Clear Glass : Colourless glass is one of the most popular options for table tops. Moreover, it may have either a non-tinted or tinted edge based on the preference of the manufacturer. This type of glass is more or less similar to acrylic plastic in that it is clear, shiny and gives optimum protection.

Tinted Glass: This is the opposite of clear glass and is available in diverse colours, including black, green, and grey. Compared to clear glass, tinted glass absorbs more thermal pressure and reflects more sunlight. It is ideal for the dining room where there is a low influx of natural light.

Frosted Glass: This type of glass table top has an exclusive sandblasted surface. Frosted glass is dense, reflects heat, and does not reflect natural light easily.

Tempered Glass: Tempered glass table tops are heated, cooled, and pressurized under extreme heat to enhance their durability and strength. When this tempering procedure is complete, this glass cannot be altered or cut. But, when this table top breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces which help prevent injuries and damage.

Annealed Glass: This is an ordinary type of glass that is not tempered or heat-strengthened. It can be cut, shaped, and easily recycled. It is also not as strong as tempered glass and creates large shards when broken. That is why a minimum thickness of half an inch is recommended for a solid dining glass table.

  1. Decide on the Right Thickness 

Here is the standard thickness for a glass dining room tabletop as recommended by our experts. One-eighth thick tabletop is a great option for lightweight dining tables. A ⅜”-thick heavy glass table top needs to be ⅜” thick. The standard recommended thickness for most durable tabletops is ¾”.  One-quarter inch is recommended if you want a standard glass tabletop.

  1. Consider Your Dining Table’s Seating Arrangement

Before selecting a custom glass table top, determine the total number of seats your dining table can accommodate. We recommend having a slightly bigger table top than standard if you have a lot of guests.

For example, a rounded table top may be used for a dining table with 4 to 6 seats. Four people may easily fit when the table is 36” to 50” in diameter. Six people may fit if the table has a diameter of 46” to 66”. Nearly 8 to 10 people may accommodate a dining table measuring 66” in diameter.

When a square glass table top is used, one side measuring 28” to 48” can accommodate four people; 48” to 60” is a great option for 6 to 8 people. For a group of 12, this diameter should be over 60 inches.

  1. Choose the Proper Glass Edge Polishes

Pick the proper edge polish based on how you want to utilize your glass table top.

Pencil Polished Edge: This rounded edge looks similar to a pencil and has a gleaming shine.

Flat Polished Edge: If you want a matte finish then this slightly rounded and flat edge is a great option.

Bevelled Polished Edge: This looks thin at the edge, thick in the center, and is smooth.

Now you know the vital factors to consider when choosing a custom glass table top for your dining table in Toronto. These include its shape, thickness, and edge. Get in touch with us for additional information.