Imbibing Fun and Energy Into Monotonous Living

August 8th, 2012

How long has it been since you luxuriated and immersed yourself in a wonderfully energetic shower? How long has it been since you actually stopped to enjoy mundane activities like taking a shower? Can’t seem to remember, isn’t it? Well then, maybe it is time to acquire shower doors that will pump some action into a seemingly mundane and monotonous activity like “taking a shower”.

Here at Academy Glass, we do not simply call taking a shower that. We call it getting ready for the new day. And for later, we call it relaxing and giving your senses a soothing break. It is akin to coffee in the mornings and a glass of wine with dinner later in the evening. Our shower doors are fashioned on this very premise.

Our shower doors are actually statement making pieces that bring your energies together and help you look at the new day in a whole new light: just what the doctor ordered for those perpetually low on energy. These doors really are the new caffeine!

In keeping with this motive, we have on hand designs that will delight you to no end. Any property is valued in terms of location, construction and fittings. With shower doors from Academy Glass, your property gets a definite boost as far as its valuation goes. These doors boast of a plethora of designs. They go from chic to understated in a heartbeat. The textures are varied with frosted and clear looks ruling the roost. Further, the tints and hues that line these doors create variations for drama filled bath time.

We also take care of installation, repair, replacement and maintenance right here at Academy Glass. In fact, we pride ourselves in giving prompt service that is always accompanied with a patient smile. We believe in listening to our customers with great attention to detail. That probably explains why we have no room at all for errors. We also apply these principles to the installation of your beautiful shower doors so that your bathrooms get a new lease of life, and your bath time is filled with the fun and drama required to kick start your day and soothe you at the end of it!