Immediate Repairs of Glass Storefront Damage

October 5, 2016



You have to agree, there is nothing that can compete with the shimmering power of glass. Glass enclosure makes furniture, home or commercial buildings appear floating. Opaque doors cannot, but glass fronts can communicate about your business with the passers-by and the interested buyers in clarified manner. They directly showcase your products on the shelves and mannequins, appealing to interested buyers.

Depending on the size of your store and your preferences, the number of glass panels required to set up at the front can be two, three to numerous. Although glass used for construction purposes are toughened by annealing and tempering, yet they are prone to breakage, cracks and shattering.

Damaged Glass Panels

1. Glass panel at the front may get destroyed pertaining to many reasons. A store with daily goods of necessities like soap, shampoo, washing powder, cereals, bread, milk and batteries are commonly crowded. Unknowingly, a customer may let go of the trolley packed with shopped products only to strike against the glass storefront.

2. When you come to open your store, you get befogged witnessing a severe breakage on the glass panels. Never neglect this phase of smashed glass as it may hint on an attempt of vandalism. While an annealed glass resisted itself against the first hit, it will not survive the second blow.

3. Your store may be situated in a friendly neighbourhood with busy streets, thus assuring you of no easy burglary. But, kids playing in the adjacent areas or at some distance pose threat. Not that they will arrive to mess your store with their baseball bats, yet even a small ball hit with high velocity is capable of breaking glass along with a visible puncture.

4. Even in case of tempered glass, while it is manufactured, remnants of nickel get embedded within the finished and treated glass panel. This nickel stone exerts stress on tempered glass as it grows in size with changing temperature. The glass thus shatters, leaving lay people baffled over the reason.

5. Just in case your store is located at some windy area, then a thin glass will likely break away as a result of strong wind action. Considering the natural hindrance, it is better to install thick glass panels, sturdy enough to adequately endure powerful winds.

Ideal Remedy

You cannot let a damaged storefront ruin the splendour of your retail outlet. Glass repairing professionals can be available anytime and every day of a week.
We can renovate a glass panel if the disfigurement is minimal, but for more serious damages will require instant replacement. The expert and helpers clean the concerned area and bring your workplace back to normal.

Your storefronts can be upgraded to a lot more than clear glass. You can access tainted glass with numerous colors and acid etched surfaces. Irrespective of the tempting styles you select, the presence of two-stepped coating makes the glass resistant to dirt, stains, scratches and moisture.

October 5, 2016

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