How to Install a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom

June 27th, 2018

If you want to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom, then nothing is better than installing a glass shower door. It increases the visual appeal of your shower and is also easy to maintain. It can be installed with or without any professional help. If you’re in a hurry to uplift the face of your bathroom, then keep reading this blog post and find out the steps to installing a glass shower door.

Install a Glass Shower Door

Measure the space of your shower

You need to take three measurements before you begin, and they are- the height of the wall, the total length and the halfway point of the threshold.

Select between a sliding or swinging door

If your bathroom is small, then a swinging door is the best option as it requires little space. For a sliding door, the bathroom needs to be spacious as the threshold’s halfway point is crucial to fit in a pair of sliding doors.

Cut the base track to the suitable length

Use a hacksaw to trim the metal track based on the length of the threshold. Both the measurements must be similar to maintain uniformity.

Place the base track on the threshold

Put the base track on the threshold after properly aligning the metal piece on it. Use a pencil to mark the placement.

Protect the base track with silicone sealant

Use a quick-drying silicon sealant to glue down the base track on the threshold. After that, apply pressure until the sealant has dried completely and is holding the base track in its place.

Align the base track with the hinge-side jamb

Slide the jamb (surface of a doorway) down into the base track. You must ensure that both are lying flat against the wall and are perfectly straight.

Mark and drill the screw holes on the wall

Use the tip of a pencil to mark the screw holes on the face of the hinge-side jamb. Then drill the screw on the walls to secure the jamb.

Measure and trim the header rail

Measure the header rail with tape and trim it to the size of the base track to fit it in the shower door properly.

For installing a swinging door, follow these steps:

• Place the hinge rail into the hinge-side jamb to fit in the bottom corner of the door into the base track
• Ingrain screw holes into the side jamb
• Add the door to the jamb
• Check the shower door

For fixing a sliding door, follow these steps:

• Fix bumpers in the side jambs to safeguard the door from a clash with the side-jambs when closed
• Place hanger brackets to the top portion of the door panels
• Add the rollers to the hanging brackets
• Set the doors from the header rail

After following the above-listed steps, it’s time to add some finishing touches. These involve installing door fixtures such as handles, hooks, towel racks and more. Also, fill in the remaining cracks or gaps with silicone sealant wherever required. In the end, you need to test the shower door for water leaks. If water is leaking through the sides of the door or along the bottom, then you have to fix the cracks with more sealant. You can also attach a drip tray to redirect the water from leaking and creating a mess on the floor.

Follow the above-listed steps to install a glass shower door like a pro. You can also seek professional help from Academy Glass and get the job done. Contact them and get a free quote now!