Why Invest in Insulated Glass?

November 3, 2017

Insulated glass reduces heat transfer and saves energy. This helps make your office and home more comfortable. The energy savings provided is substantial, particularly if you’re replacing ineffective and old single pane windows. Whether you’re searching for a commercial or residential replacement for your windows, insulated glass is the best option for you. Here’s a look at some benefits provided by the insulated glass.

Insulated glass

  • It’s extremely versatile

Insulated windows are really well-matched with low e-coatings. It offers further insulation from both the cold and the heat. It can be installed along with almost any material. Usually wood, fibreglass and vinyl are popular choices.

  • It reduces noise pollution

Standard glass does next to nothing to reduce noise interference.  However, insulated glass provides airspace, breaking up the sound. In this way, it can reduce noise pollution. Depending on the characteristics of the noise you’re dealing with, the thickness and depth are customizable. This helps maximize the extent of sound reduction.

  • Increases energy efficiency

Insulated glass will provide your business or home with considerable energy savings. Double-glazed insulated glass helps prevent heat from escaping through your windows and keep it contained between its panes. Uninsulated, standard glass lets a lot of the heat escape. This may result in you shelling out hundreds or even thousands more on energy costs each year.

  • Makes your home more secure

It makes your office or home much more secure as it’s harder to break. This decreases the chances of windows breaking during a storm or any other natural disaster. Insulated glass can reduce the number of UV rays entering your office or home. UV rays are just as harmful to the interiors as it is to the skin. It can cause the upholstery, flooring and furniture to fade, making it look dull and old. This is why installing insulated glass in your home is a great investment.

  • Provides comfort

It doesn’t just keep the temperature comfortable indoors, but also helps maintain a much more comfortable level of humidity. This, in turn, improves the indoor air quality and prevents issues which may arise with your lungs, eyes and skin.

  • Multiple options available

Insulated glass windows are available in a huge range of ratings, sizes, and looks. Several options include wood and vinyl frames. This helps you decide which the best fit for your home is. You can choose the kind of coating which can keep UV rays out, which can otherwise cause damage to your interiors and health. The options also ensure your preferences are met with consistently.

Install insulated glass and make your surrounding environment more energy efficient and comfortable. Spending a little extra on the quality glass will ensure you save on energy bills in the long run.  Safety, increased privacy and energy efficiency are definite ways in which you increase the value of your home while providing ultimate comfort. There’s no reason for you to not look into insulated glass windows for your office and home.

November 3, 2017

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