Looks That Say It All

January 28th, 2013

What is it that instantly grabs attention and eyeballs in a property? Is it looks or is it that iridescent quality that has it towering over other properties? And what contributes to this shining quality? What sets it apart?

The answer is an age old and often used element in design. Glass and mirror have come a long, long way all thanks to the solutions and innovations available right here at Academy Glass. With Academy Glass, you can be sure that you are going come into the ownership of something that is beautiful, functional and of top quality. Starting from front facades of stores, office and even homes, the artistic renderings of our products have left many spell bound.

So what drives us, and our style? The hottest trends in the decor and architectural industry come together on our floors, all thanks to a spiffy research and development process that we have in place to make your property a stunning beacon of style and design. These trends are then worked into workable and functional options for various areas within a property, and for various kinds of properties. Which is why, when you come to us here at Academy Glass, you will get a top class product in enviable styles.

With our brand of glass and mirror, you will definitely score in the looks department! And what’s more, we have the quality and the expertise to match. Our mirrors have taken the real estate and decor scene by storm. With an emphasis on quality and workmanship, this really is a “win win” situation for all.

Our mirrors have all the elements that you can glean from the best décor magazines in the market. We have the expertise and experience to execute the look of your dreams. And if you want it, you will most likely find it on our style catalog too! The elements of décor is something that we keenly follow when we design and execute something for your property. And the best bit is: we install, repair, replace and maintain as well. Products and services are our true forte!