Making a Mirrored Impack with Wall Mirrors in Toronto

October 7, 2012

Mirrors have been given a facelift here at Academy Glass. With our beautiful and classic mirrors, it is time to render the same facelift to your home, or your space.

Wall mirrors have been an elegant portrayal of designer spaces. These spaces can now be extended into homes and properties all over Toronto with our exclusive designs. The mirrors here at The Academy Glass Company are of the highest best quality and they come in the latest patterns that can also be customized for your space.

The best part about wall mirrors is the fact that they are not limited to a single decor statement: they can actually be used in varied decor schemes and themes. The use of mirrors does not merely lift a space, it also provides a good source of elegance in any kind of space. Investing in a good mirror is a good investment indeed, as it ensures that your space never lacks style of functionality.

Functionality can be met in various ways when it comes to mirrors. Besides serving as a surface where you can see your reflection, it can also enhance the feeling of space in an otherwise small room. It also gives out a vibe that is reflected throughout your home or property. The bathroom mirror is one such surface that gives out the illusion of space, luxury and acts as that all important element for the most mundane activities like brushing your teeth.

Bathroom mirrors from the House of Academy Glass are designed with specific needs in mind. These needs pertain to the basic decor scheme followed in the bathroom in terms of look. Also, the size of the bathroom and distance from the door are both taken into account before cutting and setting a piece. Further, the family size and the utility of the space in terms of personal or commercial properties is also taken into due consideration.

With all these points in place, Academy Glass has entire ranges of mirrors for your walls and your bathrooms, which can fit specific needs or even a combination of the same.

October 7, 2012

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