Bathroom and Living Room Decor – Excellent Mirror Design Ideas

July 29, 2019

Mirrors are commonly used in your rooms for reflection, but, if placed in the right places, they can make a room look brighter and more spacious that it actually is. It might be a little difficult to choose the right kind of mirrors for your bathroom and living room, as ready-made mirrors might not serve the purposes you want them to. Why not go for custom bathroom mirrors? In this post you will learn some wonderful custom mirror design ideas to beautify your bathroom and living room.

Mirror Design Trends for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is incomplete without a good mirror. Before choosing the right one, though, you need to think over a few things. Consider, for instance, how damp and moist your bathroom gets before choosing the right mirror material to suit the environment. Here are some suggestions to follow for designing your bathroom mirror.

Moisture resistant mirrors

Considering the moisture condition in your bathroom is a must before picking out a mirror material. For your bathroom, go for mirror frames that are moisture resistant and easy to clean. Mirror materials with foil finishes look especially great.

  1. LED light mirrors

Check if your mirror is surrounded by enough light. If not, you can add more during the mirror installation process. When you add more lights to your bathroom, you need to do some electrical work for the same. To make things easier, install a mirror with built-in lights. If you want to create a backlight effect behind your mirror, go for mirrors with LED lights. The lights are hidden behind the mirrors so that they do not strain your eyes

  1. Framed mirrors

To stylize your mirror, add a frame. To add a modern touch to your bathroom, use thin mirror frames. However, for a natural look, thick wooden mirror frames can be a great choice. Colourful and big floral frames add vibrancy to your bathroom. Or, to maintain minimalism, install a frameless mirror.

  1. Black framed mirrors

If you have a white bathroom space, install a black framed mirror. You can pair it with other black fixtures to add a simple yet contemporary touch to the interior decoration.

  1. Multiple mirrors

If your bathroom has windows and lighting fixtures that cross the wall, install multiple mirrors. Decide first what kind of look you want and choose the number of bathroom mirrors according to that. If you have a freestanding tub, hang a tall mirror behind it for a sophisticated look.

How to Decorate Your Living Room with Custom Mirrors

Mirrors enhance the look and feel of your living room. As they are very versatile decorative (and functional) items, you can customize the one that perfectly suits your home interior. From simple to modern, you can get mirrors in a wide range of shapes, sizes and patterns. To show off your living room at its best, try some of the following mirror design ideas.

  1. Hallway mirrors

Do you have a narrow hallway? Try hanging a few mirrors to make it look wider. You can also decorate your stairway by installing similar kinds of mirrors. Just be sure to mix and match different mirrors correctly as a mismatch will ruin the overall look of your hallway or stairway.

  1. Oversized Mirrors

An oversized mirror can make your living room look bigger. Install it on a wall opposite a big window or behind a sofa to reflect the view. You can get oversized mirrors in unique shapes to make a big difference in your living room decoration.

  1. Small mirrors

Install a group of small mirrors of various shapes, sizes and frames in your living area. Make sure the mirrors complement each other before hanging them. Try overlapping a few small mirrors on each other on a table or desk to create a unique look.

  1. Large mirrors

Do you have a big window or sliding glass shower door? Hang two large mirrors on walls across from it. Your living room will appear much more open when natural light reflects into the room. If you buy huge mirrors, do not hang them on the wall and them against the wall. The mirrors will make your lawn look bigger and give the feel of plants growing much longer than they do in reality.

  1. Mixed and matched mirrors

In your living room, you can install more than one mirror. The number of mirrors you install here depends on its size. If you have a small living room, install one or two. When you have a large living room, you have more space to install different types of mirrors to complement each other. Never install too many mirrors as your living room will like a funhouse.

Mirrors always add charm and functionality to a bathroom, living room and other areas of your home.   Go traditional by choosing common rectangle or square mirrors, or try something unconventional by placing horizontally wide, oval or polygonal mirrors.  When it comes to mirror customization, a leading glass company will help you buy mirror glass cut to size and decorate your home the way you want.

July 29, 2019

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