Glass Shower Door Installation (7 Mistakes to Avoid)

May 10, 2020


Custom glass shower doors take your bathroom’s style to the next level.

But selecting the right one is only the first part of the process. You also need to make sure it’s installed properly.

Homeowners tend to make certain mistakes when buying and installing custom glass shower doors. Keep reading to discover what they are and how they can be avoided.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Custom Glass Shower Doors

Installing a custom glass shower door is easy, if you avoid these mistakes.

  1. Don’t Choose the Cheapest (or Most Expensive) Option

When renovating or redesigning your property, you no doubt want to save money where possible. But picking the cheapest option isn’t the best idea. Remember, you get what you pay for. Hence, when the product or service is available at a price much lower than market rates, you’ll most likely end up with something inferior.

That said steer clear of doors that are too expensive. Spending more,  after all, doesn’t always guarantee premium quality. If you think the seller’s price is too high, compare it to similar products.

Even though your bathroom is a highly-trafficked space, it doesn’t make sense to spend too much on your shower door as the money can be used on other elements. Instead, search for products offering the best value for money by checking the latest deals and comparing them to your budget. You can also check customer reviews on products you’re interested in.

  1. Don’t Take Incorrect Measurements

This is a basic mistake even experienced buyers make, and the result can be loose-fitting doors that rattle.

It all comes down to your measurement technique. Even being a few millimetres off can lead to doors that wobble when opened or closed. Moreover, a glass shower door can break when not fitted properly.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, hire a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you take measurements that are accurate to the last millimetre.

  1. Research the Contractor

When it comes to bathroom design or renovation, a custom glass shower enclosure is the star of the show. This makes it vital that no mistakes are made in its choice and installation. That means your chosen contractor needs to be experienced and certified. Hiring someone cheap but inexperienced risks you receiving substandard work. Check each company’s authenticity by reading client reviews and vetting their certifications.

  1. Consider How Much Maintenance You Can Manage

Some glass shower door types need more care and maintenance than others, so pick a product you’re up for cleaning properly. Here are a few tips to ensure you get something you can manage on your own.

  • If you don’t have enough clearance space around your shower area, consider installing a sliding glass door.
  • Think about ditching the shower curb as it can create a tripping hazard for children and seniors. Take this a step further by installing a frameless glass shower door to create a sort of walk-in enclosure.
  1. Think About Functionality

A custom glass shower door may look beautiful and enhance your bathroom’s appeal, but you need to think of who is using the space regularly and how they are using it. For instance, do you need towel bars, grab bars or additional storage? Can your children reach the handle properly to open and close the door? Ensure that the door is useful for everyone.

  1. Consider the Shower Head Placement

No one wants a leaky shower. It can be frustrating cleaning up and can leave unsightly watermarks that are difficult to get rid of. Hence, when installing a glass shower door, consider its position and make sure it’s not in the path of the spray. This reduces the risk of water leaking into the bathroom, even when the door is open.

  1. Choose Suitable Glass

Glass can be fragile and is prone to breaking when not strengthened or reinforced. In case of an accident, your shower door can break into shards, putting you and your family at risk.

To steer clear of such instances, use the right type of glass. Some of the best options are tempered and laminated glass as both are made of high-quality materials that last longer than other alternatives.

A gorgeous glass shower door enclosure upgrades your bathroom’s overall appearance. Avoiding these common mistakes ensures you it will provide many years of service. Remember to consider your family’s requirements to get a product suitable for all. Also, hire a professional installer to do the job properly the first time.

May 10, 2020

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