8 Modern Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Love in 2020

January 24, 2020

Do you like staying on top of what’s trending in bathroom interior design? Then this post is for you.

Here, we bring you the trends to modernize your most private space in 2020. Don’t want to revamp all your decor? Even small changes can make a big difference and uplift its appearance. Many ‘evergreen’ trends stick around for years; others become obsolete. This post details what’s going to trend this year to help you decorate your bathroom accordingly.


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2020’s Most Happening Modern Bathroom Decor Trends 

  1. Double Vanity 

Bathrooms are a busy place, especially in the morning when everyone’s getting ready for work or school. That means it may not be feasible for one person to occupy the entire space. That’s why a double vanity is a convenient way to ensure two people can use it. Besides featuring two sinks side by side, this vanity style features one large mirror covering the entire wall or individual ones. Either iterationis a provocative style statement that will save you time.

  1. Bold Colours

Bold, striking colours can significantly change and uplift your bathroom. Instead of painting the walls in contrasting hues, try installing colourful furniture or fixtures. Opt for a peppy sink or cabinet. Wondering which colours to choose? Lime green, matte black, orange and blue are trending. For instance, go for matte black toilet and bathroom fixtures against white walls.

  1. Accent Walls

Want to bring a striking change to your bathroom’s looks? All you need to do is choose a wall and decorate it differently. To that end, affix mosaic, tiles, marble, wood, brick or natural stone to your chosen wall. For a chic design, decorate it with different types of mirrors. This will not only make your bathroom look more spacious but make quite the style statement.

  1. Stylish Lighting Fixtures


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Want an inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom? Focus on sleek and modern lighting fixtures. For instance, install sconces adjacent to the mirror above your vanity or hang a stylish chandelier in the centre of the room. Illuminating the space in this way will change its mood and appeal.

  1. Waterfall Showers

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Want a spa-like feel in your bathroom? Try a waterfall shower. This wall-mounted panel shower jets out water like, not surprisingly, a waterfall. To add even more drama to the space, install white lights or a stone wall shower enclosure.

  1. Matte Bathroom Fixtures

Matte finish bathroom fixtures are here to stay. Sinks, countertops, cabinets and bathtubs look great in this style and make a big statement. Bonus: dirt and dust aren’t easily noticeable. Ceilings with a matte finish will also make your bathroom look unforgettably modern.

  1. Photo Gallery/Murals

To add an edgy focal point to your bathroom, choose a wall to hang your own photo gallery. Complement it with an appropriate lighting fixture to bring in more focus. Or hire an artist to create a mural.

  1. Hidden Storage

Modern interiors are all about seamless lines and minimal accessories. That’s why hidden storage is a popular trend. Instead of choosing striking vanities or cabinets, select a wall and make a few compartments to store your bathroom essentials. In this way, your storage will be hidden and your bathroom will look clutter-free.

These eight modern bathroom design trends are sure to stick around for the next few years. From murals, hidden storage and matte finish bathroom fixtures to stylish lighting and waterfall showers, each is unique and will add an edgy look to your bathroom. Which will you choose? Select the ones you love and start refurbishing your most private space to better enjoy your relaxing time.

January 24, 2020

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