New to Glass Storefronts? Know about Tempered Glass Panels

December 7th, 2016

Why hide your services and products behind opaque walls and doors? Let passers-by know about your business with a see-through glass facade. Wondering about the set-up and upkeep? We can help.

Glass storefronts

Isn’t Glass Risky for Small Stores?

Are you wondering why something as fragile as glass is being suggested for your business? Well, while glass items around your home might be delicate and fragile, the same isn’t true for the glass used in storefronts.

As per Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards, the glass used for storefronts is strengthened during manufacturing. Heat treatment is applied to make the glass panels suitable to be used in commercial places. Most shops attract crowd during festivals or during particular seasons. Having this glass accidentally shatter into big and prominent shards would be dangerous for everyone present. It’s for this reason that unlike untreated glass, tempered glass disintegrates into small pieces when it is damaged. This ensures the safety of your customers and employees.

Are Glass Panels Difficult to Maintain?

In short, no they are not!

Traditional glass can be difficult to clean and maintain especially when it comes to weather effects that involve water. Thankfully, modern day glass panels are protected with hydrophobic coating that repels water.

Obtained from the application of chemical nanotechnology, this two-step shielding coat averts decomposition of water, oil, soap, body lotion and other damaging products from degrading the quality of the glass.

The shielding layer ensures less stagnancy of water. For which, growth of unwanted moulds and bacteria automatically gets reduced. This hydrophobic shield also guards the glass from abrasive chemicals and affirms stainless presence of glass panels for many years to come.

The protective coat also defends the glass panels from easy susceptibility to scratches. This means that with modern day glass panels for your store, it can have the benefits of a glass storefront without the costly upkeep demands.

Every individual passing may not step into your store; but they will be able to view what is inside through the glass front. Glass storefronts give you an opportunity to impress individuals who just pass by. Another advantage is that a clear glass storefront lets in a lot of natural light making the passage of time more apparent and giving your store a bigger, brighter appearance.

Are Glass Panels Immune to Damage?

Unfortunately, no. Although they are stronger than regular glass, they aren’t immune to acts of vandalism or strong collisions.

For these situations, your best option is to call a professional to help you with repairs. Thankfully, we know some professionals who can help you with installation and repair!