What Are Popular Bathroom Wall Mirrors in Toronto, Canada?

April 4th, 2022

Whether small or large, mirrors become the focal point in any bathroom decor.
In a small bathroom, even a big mirror may be used successfully. All mirrors reflect light, thereby providing the impression of a bigger space and making the bathroom brighter. Moreover, they may be used to hide elements such as oversized countertops or add flair, just like a piece of wall art.
In this post we look at the most popular bathroom wall mirrors in Toronto, Canada.
Let’s get started.

Most Popular Wall Mirrors for Bathrooms in Toronto

When purchasing a wall mirror for your bathroom, take into account the space where it will be placed and the room’s specific style. Here are popular types of wall mirrors that can serve both decorative and functional purposes.

Frameless Wall Mirrors
As the name suggests, frameless mirrors have no frame. They are a key adornment for a room of any size, style, or colour theme but look best in a minimalist bathroom.

Framed Wall Mirrors
These bathroom mirrors are as sophisticated a touch as any artwork. They range from simple designs with clean lines to intricate and large ones. The more intricate the mirror, the heavier it may appear.
For example, a black frame may contrast with a white palette to make a statement on a neutrally-coloured wall. Or a wall-mounted bathroom sink may appear light and spacious when balanced by the big shadows generated by a mirror.

Cabinet Mirror
This tiny storage space with a mirror on its door is used for keeping medicines and other essential items. It is highly convenient to include this multi-functional mirror in your bathroom.

Lighted Wall Mirror
Do you want more lighting in your bathroom? This style of mirror has a built-in lighting unit that surrounds its frame or may even be located in the mirror top. This is a good choice for women who do their makeup in the bathroom.

Venetian Mirror
This mirror has striking designs carved on the glass that may act as the mirror’s border. It is a good option for ultramodern and luxurious bathrooms.

Wooden Framed Wall Mirrors
These mirrors offer a rural vibe. They are framed in different types of wood and are available in a wide range of colours. These are usually handcrafted by expert artisans, so keeping this mirror may be like adding a beautiful piece of art to your bathroom.

Pivot Mirror
This type is attached to the bathroom wall with the help of two pivots which enable its flexible movement. Depending on the style of frame, it is perfect for both modern and traditional style bathrooms.

Ledge Mirrors
Also known as shadow boxes, these mirrors have ledges to keep essential bathroom products. This is the best bet for those who do not have adequate space to store soap and other bathroom products.

Extension Mirror
This mirror may be installed on the bathroom wall with the help of an accordion or swing arm mount. This is a great option for a small or cramped bathroom because you may quickly contract or extend this mirror to and from the wall.

Captain Bathroom Mirror
This round mirror hangs from a strap against a bathroom wall. It can be a focal point in your powder room or vanity area. (A vanity is a piece of bathroom furniture that mostly comprises a countertop, sink, and mirror)

Wall to Wall Mirror
A frameless wall-to-wall mirror is kept behind the toilet as well as vanity. It adds a style quotient to your bathroom.

Angular Double Mirrors
If you have two bathroom sinks, you may pair them with a beautiful angular double wall mirror in order to provide symmetry to the space. It also offers additional space for extra lighting and improves your overall bathroom decor.

Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors
Do you want to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom? This modern style of mirror complements diverse bathroom styles. In this mirror, the brushed metal perfectly matches the mirror glass, creating a beautiful design. (Brushed metal has a surface finish with an intentionally scratched appearance.)

Now that you know the types of bathroom wall mirrors available in Toronto, Canada, it will be easier to find your own. These mirrors differ from regular mirrors and you need to choose one that is both stylish and the right fit for your bathroom. If you are still struggling to make the selection, Academy Glass can help at every step, from selection to installation and maintenance. We offer high-quality yet affordable mirror and glass products. Contact us today.