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Academy Glass is the industry leader when it comes to glass protective coating. Our exclusive protective coating comes from Diamon-Fusion International, which results in keeping your glass surface clean and scratch-free for years. Equipped with a 2-step hydrophobic coating, this amazing feature is designed with chemical nanotechnology. As a result, this makes any glass surface easier to clean and at the same time eliminates environmental pollutants like oil, grease and excess water. As an authorized dealer of Diamon-Fusion International products, Academy Glass carries an array of quality glass products for our customers.

DFI Protective Coating- What is the fuss all about?

Diamon-Fusion International ( DFI) is a reputable company that produces premier protective coating for all types of glass surfaces. From shower glass to window panes- this protective coating is the perfect fit for shielding glass from possible damages.

Normally, it takes a great deal of time and energy to clean shower enclosures, windows, sinks and other glass surfaces in your house. Over a period of time, water stains, soap stains, oil residue and scratches can make it even worse. And most of us end up cleaning the affected area with harsh and expensive chemicals.

The good news is that with a DFI protective coating, you can get rid of all problems.

Protective coating from DFI is featured with a patented nanotechnology that ensures a smooth clean surface, making it a natural water and oil stain repellent. The less water and oil that sticks to the surface, the less it can deposit leftovers and debris like soap scum and hard water stains.

The benefits of using DFI Protective Coating include the following:

  • Requires less cleaning.
  • Hygienic home with reduced bacteria and mold growth.
  • Brighter and brilliant glass surface.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning.
  • Scratch resistance.
  • Resistance to leaking of sodium and calcium from hard water.
  • Resistance to stains caused by chemicals.

DFI protective shields restores and maintains the integrity of glass surfaces. No wonder, it’s the most highly preferred choice for homeowners.

Why Should You Invest in Protective Coating?

The answer is simple! To prolong the life of your glass surfaces and to make life easier.

The key benefit of DFI coating is that it offers the best solution for protecting glass surface from all possible damages. And there are some more reasons to invest in it:

  • It’s non-sticky– DFI shields come with a non-sticky surface, which prevents soap scum and residue leftovers. A simple wash with cold water will clean it.
  • Makes the surface bright– Nanotechnology enables DFI coating to become naturally bright. Moreover, they helps in hassle-free cleaning, which increases the brilliance of the glass.
  • Cuts down manual effort– The best part is that the DFI protective coating is hard to stain. No wonder it eliminates the manual effort you require for cleaning glass surfaces.
  • Keeps surface scratch free– Scratch resistance is the USP of the DFI protective coating. Even in extreme conditions, our protective coating will prevent scratches and stains.

And most importantly, It Saves You Time & Money!

With Academy Glass and Mirror Company, you now have all the protective coatings offered by DFI. This includes;

  • Diamon-Fusion® ULTRA™
  • Diamon-Fusion
  • Clear-Fusion™ Pro
  • Clear-FusionV

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