How to Choose Between Wood and Glass Dining Room Tables

August 4th, 2021

Given how many exquisite designs and styles are available for each, deciding between a wood and glass dining table is never easy. A dining table should be strong, stable, well crafted, and complement your dining room’s decor.

If you are torn between them, consider their pros and cons in order to make your decision.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Dining Tables

The rich colour and textures of wooden dining tables make them extremely attractive. But are they right for your dining room?


Pros of Wood Dining Table 

 1. Easy Restoration

Dining tables are exposed to many activities, not just eating. They come in contact with knives, forks, and many other sharp objects. Also, kids love to scratch and paint on them. This makes wood dining tables extremely vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, they can be restored, although it takes a skilled woodworker and the right tools.

2. Durability

Hardwood tabletops can last for years. Indeed, high-quality wood furniture withstands the challenges of wear and tear, especially if properly maintained. Woods like oak and walnut make extremely beautiful and durable dining tables

3. Timeless Look- Bold

Whether traditional or modern, wood tables can complement any décor style and never go out of style. Their unique texture is welcoming and creates a warm, cozy feel. And since every wood has a different texture and colour, you can choose from a wide range of grain patterns, styles, and colours.

Cons of Wood Dining Table 

1. Vulnerability

Your wooden dining table can easily get damaged by heavy and sharp objects, which is why they require a lot of attention. Frankly speaking, you can end up spending more on maintenance than you did to buy it. And if your tabletop comes with intricate artwork, it may be hard to refinish.

2. Susceptible to Water Damage

Moisture is the top challenger to the durability of your wood dining table. Any kind of spill, or moisture from underneath the table into its crevices, can easily damage it or make its core swell. This will make your table weak and allow mould to form.

3. Weight 

Hardwood dining tables are extremely bulky and heavy. Rearranging or moving one requires a lot of help. So, if you rearrange your home frequently, a wooden dining table may not be a good idea.

4. Expensive

High-quality wooden dining tables are expensive. But, if you cut down on the quality, you may end up spending a fortune on repairs.

Pros & Cons of Glass Dining Tables

There are many pros and cons of glass top dining tables. Knowing them will help you evaluate their benefits.

Glass -Dining-Table

Pros of Glass Dining Tables 

1. Toughness

Glass dining room tables are often made from tempered glasswhich can withstand scratches, impacts, heat, changes in temperature, et cetera. When mildly thumped, they will not shatter. This kind of enhanced glass tops is more reliable than other tabletop materials.

2. Beautiful Look

Glass dining tables are beautiful, and when their surface reflects light, it brightens the entire dining area.

Also, since they are transparent, they give you an unobstructed view of the room. This gives you the freedom to decorate the floor beneath the table as you see fit. You can also get customized glass tabletops for an enhanced look.

3. Variety

Glass dining table tops can be customized, frosted, or tinted to different colours, or cut into any shape. Also, many different materials like wicker, wood, chrome, iron, et cetera can be incorporated with your glass dining table.

4. Low Maintenance

Glass tabletops are easy to clean and don’t absorb spilled liquids. Use glass cleaner or a spray of water to keep the top shiny before wiping clean with a cloth.

5. Elegance

Glass dining tables are extremely elegant, so suited for both modern and contemporary decor. They are the best look for formal gatherings and fine dining.

Cons of Glass Dining Table

1. Risky

Although glass tops are more durable today than in the past, they can break.

2. Visibility

As everything around a glass-top dining table is visible and illuminated, you need to keep the floor beneath tasteful and squeaky clean, as even a little dirt will be visible.

3. Regular Cleaning

Although glass dining tables are low maintenance, they need regular cleaning, as every stain and bit of dirt is apparent. Smudges and fingerprints can turn sticky and the glass can turn foggy if not cleaned regularly.

When picking a dining room table, consider the look you want and what available space you have on hand. Consider each pro and con before settling on your choice. And always get your dining table from a reliable store like Academy Glass. They will not only provide dining tables of the highest quality but also help you maintain and repair them.