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The interior design industry has always appreciated the elegance of glass decor. This transparent element helps to create a feeling of empty space by allowing in light. It also makes your space look bigger. A well-cut reflective surface serves to brighten up your room allowing light to reach all corners. Academy Glass uses modern technologies to customize your windows, doors, shower cubicles, mirrors and table tops and enliven your office and home spaces.

We can customize the shape of your glass decor to your specifications. Whether you want a sand-blasted finish, beveled edges, demand holes and cut-outs or radius corners or finger pulls – we can do it all for you. Our cutting services are 100% accurate, offering perfect finishes on glazed surfaces to make your space look brighter and bigger. The tools we use and the technicians who use them are some of the best in the industry. This ensures a long-lasting finish and accuracy in our products and services.

Thermal Glass

Our thermal products serve to increase the insulation within your home or office, by using thermal panes containing dual panes. These panes are sealed with a thin space between them that increases insulation. We offer thermo panes as well as insulating glass which can be customized according to your specifications. You decide on the thickness and type of product. We then cut, shape and install it according to your desires in your home or office. We also offer replacement services on this product, and you can have a new replaced window or door within a day.

When you buy from Academy Glass, we make sure you get the best-quality glass cutting services in Toronto.

Over the years we have served customers with specialized glass cut to specific sizes and shapes. These types of glass include:

  • Clear (2 mm to 12 mm)
  • Patterned (pinhead, rain, glue chip, and reeded)
  • Tinted or colored (bronze, grey, blue, and green)
  • Acid-etched
  • Sandblasted fine
  • Starphire
  • Laminated (clear and tinted)
  • Wired (Georgian polished wire and Georgian cast wire)
  • Non-glare
  • Low-E (3 mm,5 mm)
  • Safety and tempered
  • Thermal

Our mirror types include but are not limited to:

  • Clear mirror (3 mm, 5 mm,6 mm)
  • Tinted mirror (Bronze, Grey, and Peach)
  • Mirror pane (two-way mirror)

Why Choose Glass Products for Your Home?

Glass has certain unique characteristics that stem from its chemical elements and preparation methods. These set it apart from materials like plastics, ceramics and metals. It is an amorphous substance that is often referred to as a hybrid between solid and liquid. One of the main reasons interior designers and decorators recommend glass products is because of their high level of customizability.

Although glass can be lightweight in certain applications, it is characteristically durable. Glass is also resistant to many external forces such as abrasion, electric currents and temperature changes. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications both in homes and businesses. Additionally, glass does not require a high level of care or maintenance, making it suitable for busy individuals.

Why Choose Academy Glass for Glass Cutting Services?

Established in 1970, our company offers glass cutting services using precise techniques that ensure our products are some of the best on the market. Our glass cutting experts pay attention to minute details so you receive a product that perfectly fits your requirements. Here are some other reasons why you should choose us for glass cutting and glass repair in Toronto.

● Well-Established and Reputable Company

Since our inception, we have worked to serve clients both in their homes and places of business throughout the Toronto area. During our time in the glass industry, we have performed numerous jobs thanks to skilled staff members who offer excellent customer service.

● Fast and Reliable Service

Our experts provide prompt and professional service throughout your project and consider all of your specific requirements. All products are the result of quality craftsmanship thanks to our extensive industry experience.

● Products Designed to Your Requirements

Academy Glass offers glass cutting services for unique projects to match your specifications. We work hard to get the job done right to ensure customer satisfaction.

● Follow a Streamlined Process

At Academy Glass, we follow a streamlined glass-cutting process.

Our technicians discuss your requirements with you to understand how your glass product is to be used and recommend suitable products. Among the wide range of glass types to choose from are clear, patterned, tinted, acid-etched, sandblasted, Starphire, laminated and non-glare. During this process, we will determine the thickness of the glass and recommend the most suitable type of edge. All of this helps us create a product to fit your space flawlessly.

Next, we cut the glass to your specifications following the best industry practices to ensure your product does not break during processing. We can cut glass products ranging from windows and tabletops to shower enclosures and mirrors, using various glass types, from fine to complex, to eliminate waste.

Edge Polishing
Our edge polishing service makse our products safe to handle and add a stylish finish. Here are the different types of edge polishing we provide:

Flat Polish

The popular flat polished edge offers a glossy, highly-polished appearance that is ideal for all kinds of applications.

Bevelled Edge

This elegant edge type is typically used on mirrors and tabletops. If used on window glass, it’s cut to its precise dimensions. When used on tabletops, the edge refracts light to create an interesting rainbow appearance. This is one of the safest edge types to have in homes with children and pets.

Pencil Polish

This rounder edge offers a glossy and smooth finish. If you’re looking for a different look, you can’t go wrong with pencil polish.

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