Glass Cutting Service in Toronto

glass cuttingThe interior designing industry has always reflected the elegance of glass decors. This transparent element helps to create a feeling of empty space inside your room by allowing light to come in. It makes your space look bigger and clearer due to the reflection in creates. A well cut reflective surface serves to brighten up your room allowing light to reach all corners. Academy Glass uses highest-quality technologies in customizing your windows, doors, shower cubicles, mirrors and table-tops enliven your office and home spaces.

We can customize the shape of your glass décor according to your specifications. Whether you want sand blasted finish or beveled edges, whether you demand holes and cut outs or you want radius corners or finger pulls – we can do it all for you. Our cutting services are 100% accurate, offering perfect finishes on those glazed surfaces, making your space look brighter and bigger. The tools we use and the minds that use them are some of the best in the industry. This ensures a long-lasting finish and accuracy in our products and services.

Thermal Glass

Our Thermal products serve to increase insulation within your home or office space, with the thermo panes containing dual panes. These panes are sealed with a thin space between them that increases insulation. We offer thermo panes as well as insulating glass can be customized according to your specifications. When you tell us the thickness and the type of the product, we can cut and shape it according to your desire and install it in your home or office space for you. We also offer replacement services on this product, and you can have a new replaced window or door within a day.

When you buy from us, we make sure you get the best quality glass cutting services in Toronto.

Over the years we have served customers with specialized glass cut to size and shapes like:

  • Clear (2mm to 12mm)
  • Patterned (pinhead, rain, glue chip, and reeded)
  • Tinted or colored (bronze, grey, blue, and green)
  • Acid etched
  • Sandblasted fine
  • Star fire
  • Laminated ( clear and tinted)
  • Wired (Georgian polished wire and Georgian cast wire)
  • Non-glare
  • Low-E (3mm,5mm)
  • Safety and tempered
  • Thermal

Our mirror types include but are not limited to:

  • Clear mirror (3mm, 5mm,6mm)
  • Tinted mirror (Bronze, Grey, and Peach)
  • Mirror pane (two way mirror)

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