Window Glass Repair in Toronto – Window Glass Replacement

Need repair or replacement of a broken or foggy window glass in Toronto?

window glass repairWindows give you a clear picture of the world outside your home. What good would a cracked or a foggy pane do to your view? Ensure a clear sight with our window glass repair and replacement services. While many service providers would give you world class products when they install your windows, you could find their replacement and repair services lagging behind. We at Academy Glass believe in a service based philosophy. We are not here only to install your window with top-of-the-line products and then keep you wanting when it came to maintenance and repair.

Be it cracked window or foggy panes; we are there with a solution to every problem. Window glass repair and replacement are part of our services and we make sure these maintenance issues never become a problem for you. We will install, repair and replace your residential and commercial window glass, when you put your trust in our services. Our services cover both single window and thermal pane windows.

When you allow us to work on your property, you can trust us to complete the job from the beginning to the very end. The range of services we provide includes:

Assessment: We do an assessment of the job you entrust us with. Whether it is repair or replacement of window glass, we will do our research, take measurements, discuss the scope of work with you and then decide on the project. You are involved in each step of the project, so you can put in your ideas.

Preparation: We take this step very seriously. This is where the assessment is done and you are given an estimate of the project costs. Once both parties are on the same page we go ahead with the project and start the next step of our work.

Execution: This is the final leg of the entire project. We have a bevy of excellent technicians, who work diligently to give you a seamless product that will satisfy your demands. It is the end product that matters to the customer. And you can trust us to provide you the best service.

With all these three steps in place, our repair and replacement services are one of the best in Toronto and GTA. We will install your property, repair and replace any disfigurement to make your space look new and fresh.

Our repair, replacement and maintenance services cover:

  • Residential window
  • House window
  • Broken window – double or single pane
  • Foggy window – double or single pane
  • Tinted glass
  • Windows with energy efficient glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Thermal glass
  • Commercial window
  • Garage, Greenhouse and Storm window glass

Give us a call today at 416-2239933 or 905-9406720 to get some of the best services in town without having to worry about a thing!