Should You Repair Your Own Broken Window? (Simple Guide)

June 15th, 2021

DIY home repair can be fun and save money, but broken window repair is a different story. There are multiple steps involved, and each needs to be done with complete care and precision. In fact, it’s recommended that you let a professional glass company in Toronto do the job.

But if you’re keen on doing it yourself, follow these tips.

Know Your Cracks


Before jumping into broken window repair, you need to understand what kind of crack you have.  This will help you understand if a repair will do the job or if you need to replace it entirely.


1. Stress Crack

Small cracks near the window edge are called stress cracks, and these will continue to spread. They are caused by intense temperature fluctuations, like cranking your AC on a hot July day, or vice versa. Slamming your window shut can also cause stress cracks.

2. Pressure Cracks

Pressure cracks are not commonly found in windows unless the glass is insulated or the windows double-paned. These cracks are caused by pressure shifts caused by weather.

If your window is installed too high or low, you may notice pressure cracks. You can recognize them by their hourglass shape, and the panel will have to be replaced.

3. Impact Cracks

Impact cracks have an identifiable starburst pattern spreading outwards from the point of collision. It is advisable to have the window professionally replaced to avoid severe injury from broken shards.


A Checklist for Broken Window Repair

If your window breaks, you will need to replace the missing or cracked pane. Follow this checklist.

  • Remove the broken glass carefully, along with the windowpane putty.
  • Remove any glazing points.
  • If the window frame is damaged, oil and repair it.
  • Clean the frame’s interior.
  • Apply new putty.
  • Install the new glass, glazing points, and putty.


How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Window

Does your entire window need replacement or just the glass? Not sure? Call the professionals. While you are waiting for them, try these quick fixes.


1. Masking Tape

Apply masking tape on each side of the cracked glass in order to keep it intact and prevent additional breakage. Extend the tape past the cracks on each side and press it firmly to the glass to hold it together.

2. Glass Adhesive

Use an eyedropper to clean the break thoroughly and flush out any debris. Use masking tape to hold the glass in place and prevent the adhesive from leaking. Now, use a syringe or brush to apply glass adhesive to the cracks. Allow it to dry completely before removing the tape.

3. Plastic Cover

A thick plastic cover is a good temporary solution for keeping out bugs and drafts. Cut a piece of thick plastic large enough to cover the broken section (think an old shower curtain, tarp, or shopping bags). Then duct tape the edges of the plastic to the window.


Risks of Doing Your Own Broken Window Repair

DIY window repair carries a certain amount of risk. Here are a few things to be careful about.

  • Injury: Glass shards and sharp edges are dangerous so wear protective gear to reduce your chances of injury.
  • Too Much or Too Little Putty: Too much putty can cloud or push the pane from the frame. Not enough can cause the pane to either fall out of the frame or allow in dust or drafts.
  • Errors with Glazier Points: Laying the glazier points and pressing the glass into it successfully is tricky so you’ll need an extra set of hands. Remember, too much pressure can break the pane, so only do the repair if you have experience. Otherwise, let the glass company in Toronto you choose handle it.

Always let the professionals handle your window problems, if you lack experience. Broken window glass is dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to handle it. So, be careful and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.