How to Create a Beautiful Shower Design

September 3rd, 2019

Your shower is not only a space to refresh yourself but can also be designed beautifully to enhance your bathroom’s overall appearance. From traditional to modern, your shower can be transformed by a variety of styles to complement your bathroom’s interior. To create a wonderful shower space, it is essential to choose the right design elements and accessories. This blog post discusses some exceptional shower design ideas to revamp your bathroom.

Shower Design Tips to Follow

9 Inspiring Shower Design Ideas to Embrace

  1. Steel framed shower door: Do you want to add an industrial touch to your shower space? Then consider installing a steel framed shower door. It looks awesome in a sophisticated bathroom with subway tile, and the industrial look is ideal for a bathroom with warehouse or loft-style decorations. Steel framed shower doors can be an excellent addition to your black and white-themed bathroom.
  2. Seamless shower: Big seamless showers are available in neutral colours and beautifully blend your shower space with the rest of your bathroom. To create a seamless look that is exquisitely designed, you can combine a ceramic floor, wall tile and frameless glass shower door. To add beachside comfort to your shower space, add a bleached wood bench.
  3. Marble tile shower: The elegant and lace-like marble tile treatment at the back of your shower space looks very attractive. If you want to try something different from pure white marble tiles, go for medium grey ones.
  4. Marble and gold amalgamation: When it comes to designing your shower, marble and similar looking tiles are widely used by homeowners. You need to add something else to set your bathroom apart. One idea is to use gold-coloured fixtures along with marble to add some extravagance to your shower space. As most marble showers are built with marble-like porcelain tiles, you can maintain them easily by spending less money.
  5. Aesthetic shower: Like other areas in your home, art has made its way into shower spaces too. Add an artistic touch to your bathroom by displaying a bright stone feature as the back wall of your shower space. You can also experiment with accent lighting inside the wall alcove, below the bench and other areas of your bathroom to highlight the artwork. Choose the decorative elements for your shower area wisely so nothing overshadows the artwork.
  6. Deep blue tile and green subway tile shower: Not many people like deep blue in their shower design, but the colour can look good in your bathroom if you use it right. The dark tint gives you the feel of being inside a locker room. To alleviate any claustrophobia issues, install a large panel light fixture. To add brightness to your shower space, you can also use green subway tiles. Add a rain shower head and marble accents for a vintage look or a shower fixture to give a contemporary touch. Coloured tiles are a good way to brighten up your shower space.
  7. Hexagonal tiles and glass walls: To make your bathroom stand out, install hexagonal tiles in your shower. They act to focus attention and transform your bathroom. Keep other design elements subdued and choose neutral colours to maintain a balanced look in your bathroom. For an efficient usage of space, opt for a corner tile shower with angled glass walls.
  8. Space capsule shower: If you are fond of modern technology or design, a space capsule shower can be a good choice. This kind of shower space is not only about curved walls but also mosaic tile smaller cuts and plumbing walls inside the wet area. When you are within the space capsule shower space, you truly feel like an astronaut.
  9. Large wet room shower: To build a large shower space, include a bathtub to create a wet room-style design. This type of design is perfect for two people to bathe and shower together. Hire professionals to install a tub and a shower in your bathroom without wasting any space.

The way you design your shower space significantly impacts the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Before getting started, think about how you want your shower space to look and function. Implement the above-mentioned shower design ideas to make your bathroom look unique and beautiful from every angle.