Guidelines for Buying the Perfect Shower Doors

September 2, 2019

When it comes to buying new shower doors, there are so many options that you are likely to get confused. But, if you follow certain tips, you will more easily be able to choose the ones that best suit your bathroom. This blog guides you on how to buy the right shower doors for your needs.

Buy the Right Shower Doors

Things to Do Before Buying the Right Shower Doors

  1. Take the correct measurements: To buy the perfect-sized shower doors, you need to measure the space correctly. Measuring incorrectly, needless to say, will make installation of your doors extremely difficult. Start by measuring the lengths of each side of your shower. It is advisable to measure the space two to three times to get the measurement absolutely right.
  2. Measure the shower base or shower tray: Is there a base or tray already installed in your shower? If so then measure this properly so the doors will fit perfectly. If your shower base is unusual in terms of its measurements or dimensions, you may need to consult a professional.
  3. Consider the shape of the shower: Keep in mind the shape of the shower when shopping for your perfect shower doors. For instance, is your shower square? Is it rectangular? Or, if you have an oddly-shaped shower, you will need to buy a shower base in that particular shape. If your shower space has been customized to your bathroom, you will need to select custom shower doors to fit your bathroom space perfectly.
  4. Choose between framed and frameless doors: Frameless doors are a popular choice among homeowners in Toronto and other parts of Canada. They are known for their aesthetic appeal and the minimalist modern designs in which they are available. If you want to show off your beautifully designed shower’s interior, install frameless doors. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

To create a cohesive look, buy a framed shower door to complement the metal of your other bathroom fixtures. As the framing works as insulation, there is little chance of leaks after the shower door is installed. If you are not sure whether to buy framed or frameless doors, consider buying semi-frameless shower doors. These have metal around the entire structure, but do not have metal around the entire door.

  1. Think about privacy: To choose your ideal shower door, consider the level of privacy you want in the space. The kind of glass you choose will directly impact the amount of privacy it provides. Regular opaque glass provides maximum privacy. If you do not like its look, take a look at etched glass, which is a combination of frosted and clear glass. As it comes in a variety of designs and patterns, you can choose the type best suited to your bathroom interior. Frosted glass shower doors are also good choices to add privacy to your bathroom.
  2. Remodel your bathroom: Shower doors are one of the most used and noticeable parts of your bathroom, so choose ones that complement the existing décor. When buying shower doors, consider their materials, shapes and designs. To add an elegant touch to your bathroom, consider wet room shower doors. If you want to maintain minimalism in your bathroom design, go for frameless shower doors. Take into account the theme of the space when buying shower doors, so your bathroom looks coordinated.
  3. Focus on safety features: Bathroom safety is important, so select shower doors made of safe materials. To that end you may want to avoid regular glass doors if you have children, as these break relatively easily; tempered glass is a better option as it breaks into small circular pieces with less risk of injury. You will also want to make sure that your shower doors are easily opened and closed by older members of your family. Therefore, it is imperative to choose good quality and easy-to-operate hardware.
  4. Set a budget: As shower doors are available in a multitude of price ranges, set your budget first. Framed and frameless shower are expensive but come in a variety of standard sizes. Custom shower doors are the most expensive but are worth it if your shower is of unusual dimensions. You can customize your shower doors exactly the way you want to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom.

As there are countless shower door options, choosing the right one can get confusing. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to buy and install the perfect shower door and give a new look to your bathroom space. Or consult with the professionals in your area.



September 2, 2019

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