Shower Door Toronto: The Full Story

July 4th, 2012

The verdict is out. Academy Glass makes bath time an absolute treat with its range of Shower doors. The shower doors at Academy Glass are a seamless marriage of the crystal clear goodness of glass and technology at its very best.

The shower is a place where you need privacy as well as the assurance of safety and hygiene. With its fixtures and fittings, the showers doors here at Academy Glass ensure that you achieve all these ends when you step through our doors. Further, we take care of installation as well as repair and replacement of doors. Apart from beautiful designs and delicate patterns, these doors come with the sturdiness of glass and solid hinges and beading for support. The fittings and fixtures have been designed so as to ensure that no grime settles and to support all age groups of people who may be passing through the doors to prevent mishaps or injuries.

And the icing on the cake: the option of frameless door for bountiful glass that will become the hallmark of luxurious baths. With beautiful doors, the bath time will indeed become a treat that one will look forward to. The trickling of water will sound like the pitter patter of rain; and the gushing sound will take you to a waterfall instantly as you drown yourself and all your day to day worries in the bath with the glass doors to hold you in.

The quality of glass used for these doors is unparalleled and comes from the very best resources. The installation is a matter of prompt and accurate action, as is any repair or replacement work on existing shower doors. With the use of sturdy fixtures, we ensure that the need to check will never arise as you enter the shower area. The shower doors help you relax and take into account all the frothy goodness of a bath. It creates the mood for well-scrubbed goodness and the bubbly wonder of bath time. It lets your senses take over as you close your eyes and have a good time!