Shower Doors: Changing the Way of Showers

October 16th, 2012

Do you find yourself often rushing through showers? And then, the side effects follow. You are tired and find yourself rushing through the rest of the activities of your day. Apart from this, you feel drained and exhausted from the time you step out of your home. And what’s more, you do not feel rejuvenated even after a shower. Well, this is a common problem that has afflicted many people in the urban pace our world is now following. Luckily, for Toronto, the solution is in our shower doors.

Our custom shower doors are designed with the best possible material in terms of glass, hinges and more, and they are well fitted and come with installation services from our end. This ensures that the shower is a space that becomes your cocoon. In addition to this, we have a few tips that can become your shower time ritual, or your energy ritual as you may like to call it, depending on the positive results that you will see for yourself in a matter of days. These are as follows:

  • Enter the shower and turn on the warm water. Alternate this with cold water. Do this twice so that your pores and senses are absolutely awake, rather than waking up to the sting of cold or very hot water. This activity also helps you distract yourself from all the thoughts that will be jumping into your mind and help you concentrate on something mundane for a while.
  • Also, you can set the knob for the right temperature the night before so that as soon as you step in the shower and turn it on, the right temperature water washes over you. It will definitely be a welcome feeling.
  • Shower down. Use a nice smelling body or shower gel. In fact, keep a few at hand so that you can surprise yourself with a different fragrance every day. In fact, the act of choosing the shower gel for the day will make you feel luxuriously pampered. Lather up and smile.
  • Next, rinse your hair and shampoo. If you have long hair, remember to remove all the tangles slowly so that you do not lose hair later.
  • After this, grab a towel and pat yourself dry. Many of us make the mistake of hurriedly rubbing ourselves dry. This is the worst thing to do to your skin because this is when your pores are open the most: after a shower. So you need to treat your skin right by patting it dry gently.