Shower Doors: Doing us Showers in Toronto like Never Before

November 7, 2012

The basic appeal of a bath or shower lies in the ability to be able to soak in a few moments or minutes of relaxation, so as to wipe away stress and prepare yourself for a new day. The washing away part does not merely adhere to the body; it is a matter of rejuvenating the senses and spirit. Shower doors are one of the most important part of the shower. To have a great looking shower door is not a vanity; it is a necessity. And we at Academy Glass could not agree more.

To help make the bathroom a space where you truly relax, here are a few steps that you can take:

–  Keep a potted plant in a corner. Nothing says “fresh” like the sight of green leaves right in the morning. You know it is true: most mornings when you enter the bathroom, your eyes are half closed and pretty much wake up properly during the process of getting ready for the day. Shaving, brushing, bathing and stepping into the shower enclosure are usually done in a bit of haze. Yet, this can change with the sight of something green and fresh right in the morning.

–  Keep bathing salts handy in the shower enclosure so that you do not have to look far for that energy kick: and no we are not talking about the caffeine kind. When you rub in bath salts, it helps you breathe in energy into your pores.

–  Body butter and lotion products must be placed right outside the shower doors so as to have immediate and quick access once you step out of the shower. This process of streamlining small events will also have the desired impact on your day when you will likewise pump effectiveness and swift action into your routine to get more done.

–  Have a thought? Post it! If you happen to share your bathroom with your spouse, partner or roommate, it will help to leave post its with positive messages or even smileys inside the cabinet doors. Apart from a nice touch and a surprise element, it will also prompt them to return the favor, thus creating a conducive environment in the home from the time you wake up!

November 7, 2012

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