Shower Doors to Leave You Floored

February 4, 2013

Shower Door

Repair, rejuvenation and nourishment. That is the basic idea behind taking a shower every morning. Since antiquity, mystics and others have been beyond convinced of the power of taking a bath every single day. From using natural herbs to “magical” and secretly concocted portions, the various ways of taking a bath or a shower have evolved since time immemorial.

With our shower doors from Academy Glass, we provide you one more aspect of the “magical” bath time. The bath has been an aspect that royals and mystics have been obsessed with the bath. From Queen Sheeba’s luxurious bath, to the present day bath salts, the sheer number of ways to indulge your imagination to get your shower time perfect is absolutely astounding.

More than that, many people wonder why the shower is such an important activity. The bath is a time when you get to indulge your senses. This is the time when you wash away sweat and grime to start afresh. The very implication of this activity is that it gives you the impetus to begin something new every single day; and to begin it right. With your morning shower, you are not only washing away the previous day, but you are also opening your mind to the day that has just dawned on you.

That is the reason why we feel it is imperative to do it right. By do it right, we mean creating the right environment and conditions that will set the wheels in motion. Imagine walking into a badly cluttered and disorganized space that you call the bathroom. And fumbling to find your way through it, going through the sheer inconvenience, and also not liking what you see, one bit.

Now take that and replace it with a bathroom that is open and welcoming. One where everything is in the right place so that you instinctively reach out and touch exactly what you need instead of knocking over a few unnecessary things in the process. And then imagine the shower doors, welcoming you into a cocoon of comfort where you can merely stand under the shower and let its waves drown out any doubts or misgivings, to replace the same with hope and that fresh feeling of well-being. That’s what our shower doors do!

February 4, 2013

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